Let’s Go Fishing

We Rule's Red Dragon

While I’m setting up new CSS styles and getting a few blogs ready to post by Labor Day, I want to give We Rule fans a chance to check in on their feelings about the need for a “Gone Fishing,” or in my thoughts “Gone Questing” message for players on vacation.

I pretty sure know the developers thoughts: The iPhone is 3G and if it’s that damn important check in with your iPhone while you’re on vacation. Apple’s position: Buy a 3G iPad and check in on vacation.

But players who go backpacking in the wilderness and out of range of any carrier don’t want to choose between vacation and We Rule.

I’ve suggested that developers can at least create a decorative object for our kingdoms with a flag that says: “Gone Questing.” Buy it when you leave, sell it back when you return.

If you would like the dialogue to continue on a separate site to see if we can get more support, post a comment here. I’ll even forward your comments directly to the developers.

See you on labor day.

Contact me at wrgrimoire@gmail.com.

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