Unicorn Firesale

Even though the blog won’t officially launch, I just wanted to remind you We Rule seems to be clearing out its Unicorn Meadows only two weeks after they introduced them. Of course they may keep the meadows and just remove the Level 3 access, but this sounds like a fire sale to me. Godfinger did something similar with the game’s Trojan Horse.

The price is still 120,000 coins so there won’t be a lot of Level 3 players who can afford them. So what’s happening? My guess is that ngmoco:) wants to move mojo. They’re hoping that all those players will pony up the five dollars for the 3o mojo that will pay for the Unicorn Meadow. They’ve already thought up more ways to squeeze gro (the We Farm version of mojo) out of their players in a few weeks than they did in the entire timeline of We Rule.

Just think of how badly you’ll feel when everybody else has unicorns and you don’t.


The soon to be extinct Unicorn

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