One Week to Go

The unicorns have gone, one of the shortest lived species in the history of evolution. I know the monkeys will disappear in We Farm this week, but monkeys are much harder to love than unicorns. And they leave a bigger mess. Everyone knows that unicorns don’t leave poop where people can find it.

Why did the unicorns go? I think they were recalled because they were defective. I know it’s hard to believe, but take a look at this picture of a We Rule unicorn. Notice that it only has three hooves? What’s up with that. Whoever conjured the unicorns at ngmoco:) needs to work on their spells. There’s no excuse for selling lame unicorns to players.

Defective unicorns?

Still, I love my five unicorns—even if they do limp awkwardly across my kingdoms. They sparkle with joy whenever I pet them. It’s a shame new players will never have that joy.

We’re counting down to the site launch and I’m fine tuning the Hidden Grimoire‘s overall look. I hope you guys like this better than the pink WordPress template I used to set up the site. I think it’s certainly closer to the spirit of the game.

Carol (aka JennyManytoes) says she loves it, but since we’re married I don’t know if she’s being honest or kind.

The real Jenny Manytoes, our polydactl siamese cat, is pissed off that I started another blog because that means I have less time to pet her. Readers of iPad Envy know that Jenny is very opinionated. She gave We Rule a purr (four stars) during my review of the game and I had to overrule her and bump the rating up to make biscuits or five stars.

I told her that if I can build a large enough fan base, I can turn this into a book like the many books in the “Hidden Manual” series, and that will buy her a lot more of the special organic cruelty free cat food with 100 percent pure fish and no preservatives. It doesn’t matter; Jenny just wants to be petted now.

What’s on your mind?

Please comment or email me with

  • Issues you would like to see covered in the blog
  • Kingdoms you think are attractive or well-designed
  • Gripes you have with ngmoco:) that they have never resolved 😦
  • Tips or tricks that worked for you (I’ll give you credit)

See you after labor day.

Please email me at

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