Saturday Morning Special:Upgrade Preview?

Most of you probably noticed ngmoco:)’s announcement Friday that the server would be down to prepare for a major upgrade. This pulled the trigger on Monday’s blog because I intended to discuss popular upgrade requests. Since we don’t know what the upgrades will actually be, I thought I would look at a few of the better requests I’ve seen on the ngmoco:) Get Satisfaction site. 

If the upgrade launches by Monday, we can review the list and see how the upgrade compared. If not, then I will proceed with the blog I intended to write and wait to see if they’ve been listening all along.

Two of the most popular requests have been discussed on this blog. I think the number one request is building maintenance. Players want some way to move buildings to their additional realms, or at least a place to store them while they rearrange. The second most requested upgrade is a “Gone Fishing,” or, as I prefer, “Gone Questing” notice.

I’m all for this, but to me the most important upgrade feature would be a Login option. It’s probably not as necessary for the iPhone version since family members don’t share their iPhones. But I doubt many families can afford multiple iPads and the Login option would allow several family members to manage their own kingdoms without having to put up with the hassle of downloading We Rule iPad and Gold or the iPhone versions which don’t work very well on iPads.

Other functional requests that deserve ngmoco:)’s consideration include:

  1. Better information, including points earned in the shop build window and the ability to see the names of players who ordered.
  2. Orders summary page.
  3. In game messaging

Of all the game feature requests that I made on the ngmoco:) site, I was surprised to see they picked up on the request for lakes. Of course, I wan’t the only one with a request for lakes and sea faring, but still I suspect they were pretty far down on players’ feature requests. More frequent requests seem to be:

  • Larger houses and houses with more colors.
  • Seasonal Items
  • Additional realms (NW,SW, etc)

And my two all personal feature requests:

  • Diamond Trees
  • Snow tiles and trees with snow.

What will ngmoco:) deliver and will they deliver by Monday? We’ll see.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. ravenpuff
    Oct 03, 2010 @ 23:54:32

    I suggested ship building and ports over a month ago, so *smuggly puffs up* I feel vindicated. (wink)

    I missed the exact date they are upgrading the servers since I was too busy collecting taxed to really notice.

    I’m hopping upgrades will be vacation mode and more info on current and pending orders.


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