Best revenue streams: groves or founts?

Winter arrived, but Christmas is taking second place to Chanukah right now, as it should since Chanukah precedes Christmas on the Calendar (although Ramadan precedes both and our Islamic players got nothing but a Hindu spice market, which runs counter to the fasting requirements of the celebration). But we finally got snow, which I’ve been requesting since last summer. Thanks, ngmoco:). This is the season for snow so it’s an appropriate release time.

I haven’t crunched the numbers on the chalet and dreidel yet, but they look to be quick return items (10 and 16 hours) like the spice market and theater. The L8 dreidel shop has a higher total payout even though the chalet is L29. Check the analysis page later today for the numbers.

So perhaps we will get a yule log and a quest with St. Nick (who would be more appropriate to We Rule than Santa Claus).

I would invest in the dreidel shop now because I suspect it won’t be around after the New Year.

Still no stacking update

I’ve written Joe Wagner again asking for an official statement about stacking or a link to a site with ngmoco:)’s official statement. Hopefully, we’ll hear back soon.

Gone Fishing Protocol

I have to admit that in spite of my usual dour appraisal of ngmoco:) response to player requests, they have been listening. In addition to the snow they added a jester, which was discussed in this blog a month or so ago, and they did it through a quest rather than a building. I’m sure glad to see him, he adds a lot to the different realms.

One of the things they haven’t figured out is a “gone fishing,” or, as I would have it, a “gone questing” option for players who need to vacate the game because they can’t access wireless on their vacations.

The concern is that other players won’t know not to place orders with shops while the vendor is away. After all, it will be hard to tell if a player is taking a leave of absence or has given up the game.

So I am suggesting the following: Rather than simply abandoning your fields, leave a message for other players.

Harvest all your crops and don’t plant new ones. Instead, stack a knight statue on top of one of your fallow fields. This should indicate to other players (especially those who read the blog and know the convention) that you haven’t just walked away for good, you put some thought into it.

Since the knight is synonymous with a quest, the knight statue should symbolize the message “gone questing.”

If you’re going on vacation, leave your fields fallow and stack a knight in one of the fields to symbolize your absence on a quest.

Click image to see full size

Don’t know how to stack yet? Tune in next week, because I have decided to devote the blog to stacking tips and tricks. The videos are helpful, but there are a number of wrinkles they don’t cover.

So if you want to stack, check back. In one week.

Find Friends

Looking for friends? Find friends and add your plus+ id to a list of available friends at We Rule Friend Finder. I can’t guarantee results, but it should attract some business to your kingdom and help you find shops for quests.

Higher value rental properties

Recently ngmoco:) added three items that pay better idle than they pay vendors to lease them out to customers. The mermaid isle, Poseidon’s fount and the new ancient lighthouse pay very well, and the lighthouse has an excellent total return.

The question raised by some players is whether or not Poseidon’s font is worth more than ruby or diamond trees. I’m not sure it is. The fount pays 120c and 240xp over six hours. As far as experience points go, it pays far better than either. As far as coin value, it’s only slightly better than the ruby and worse than a diamond grove.

The real question centers on cost. Poseidon’s font costs 90,000c. Rubies cost 10,000c. The ruby grove pays out better as a percentage of cost. The real question is the mojo cost. Poseidon’s fount costs twice the mojo as a diamond grove. For the same 20m you would earn 300c and 240xp buying two diamond groves, the same experience and more than twice the coins.

The lighthouse pays 1300c and 1900xp over 60 hours, but the hourly payout in coins is slightly better. It’s also more than twice as expensive as the fount.

Should you buy them just for investment value? I can’t answer that for you. But here’s my thinking. As long as you can stack rubies and diamonds you’re better off making the investment in the groves. When, however, you reach that magic number where you exceed the permissible limit of groves in any realm (you will automatically be locked out of rubies for coins), this would be the perfect time to start investing in founts and lighthouses.

What makes Poseidon’s fount unique is the way they tuck together to fit in a smaller space. This allows you to add more founts to your kingdom without stacking. Since you can legally stack groves up to a certain limit (or so we have been led to presume), but not buildings you will be able to add more founts than lighthouses.

Given the slight margin in cash earned per hour, and the fact that founts earn more experience points, the founts’ smaller footprint makes them a better buy than the lighthouse.

Abbreviation key:

  • c = coins
  • m = mojo
  • xp = experience points

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15 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ravenpuff
    Dec 07, 2010 @ 03:16:28

    Problem with leaving messages is that I’ve left big dirt roads messages saying, “CLOSED” and people *still* order while I’m on vacation. Even though the people who have their status written in English, they ignore the closed sign, so I can’t quite easily assume they don’t read English.

    Go figure.


    • Totalthinker
      Dec 07, 2010 @ 19:15:20


      You’re absolutely right about messages. I suggested the knight because I studied graphics and sign systems and believe a symbol is more universal than a word. The idea was to create an anomaly for perceptive players to say: “Something is different about my kingdom and my stacked knight on the field should make you think about what’s happening in my kingdom since we don’t have a ‘Gone fishing’ feature.”

      However, nothing we can do can prevent players from not paying attention or making mistakes. I have ordered fish from ponds next to the Chateau’s I intended to order from because I was in a hurry and didn’t pay attention to the dialogue that said I was ordering fish. And I have placed orders because I was in a hurry to get back to dozens of players and didn’t notice that one player’s fields were spoiled.

      And some people can’t read a sign if it’s placed right in front of their eyes. When we closed the Visual Design labs where I used to teach for workdays, conferences or staff training sessions, we would put up a dozen poster sized signs announcing that the labs were closed between the building doors and the lab doors and we would still get people wandering in demanding to use the lab.

      The best we can do is try, and if someone still places an order so be it.


  2. Kendrick
    Dec 08, 2010 @ 05:22:06

    I would be careful about stacking rubies then adding poseidon’s founts is someone was banned who did that same thing. They received an unofficial response in an email about a 1 million xp cap per day. If you can afford the Poseidon’s fount though it is a better return than ruby trees and you can fit 324 in one realm rather than 196 but it’s also going to cost you around 28 million coins instead of 1.96 million.


    • Totalthinker
      Dec 10, 2010 @ 18:41:09

      Having contributed to the rumors of players being banned for life myself, I have been forced to retract those contributions in the past. The only player who has claimed to be banned for life on a public forum has not answered my emails requesting further information, whereas Joe Wagner, ngmoco:)’s official spokesman claims no one has ever been banned for life. Those who have had groves purged are supposed to have been reimbursed the groves’ value in coins.

      Anyone who has had a different experience should write this column and allow me to ask them the details of their experience. I will discuss this at length on Monday.

      As to founts v. groves, my experience has been different. Yes, you can tuck founts, but as best I can tell from a side by side comparison a grove takes up slightly less space than a fount. Without stacking (and without cleaningn out a kingdom to try it myself) I would guess you would come out even staking groves and founts. But I could be proved wrong. If anyone can submit a screen shot of a realm with 324 wall-to-wall—unstacked—founts I will be glad to post it and steer readers to their kingdom to see it.

      That being said, I’m still waiting for the screen shot of the fairy that came with the fairy trees, which makes me hopeful not skeptical.


  3. Singoalla
    Dec 08, 2010 @ 23:46:34

    Hello and thanks for a terrific blog!

    I started playing We Rule and gradually added We Farm, We City and finally Adventure Bay.

    The past weeks I’ve noticed a feeling of game fatigue, partly because of all the time that adds up, partly the time consuming effort required to try to be fair to buyers by buying back from them, and partly because of the ancient Greek mythology and Swiss Chalet that were added to the medieval world of We Rule.

    So, after giving all this some thought, realising that the holidays are approaching as well as noticing how easy the developers have made it to help your friends and customers in Adventure Bay (without needing a spreadsheet), I’ve decided to cut back. Gah! And I’m starting with We City.

    I made an arrangement with flowers on snow that says “closed”. Pretty clear, I think but there have still been some people who have tried to place orders.

    I know how laggy the game can be for me when I’m on my iPhone, and I imagine that people can be in a big rush to get their gaming done and that it can easily happen so I’m going to add on some more snowmen and flags to the “closed” area, hopefully making it more visible.

    Sorry that this turned into a long essay!

    Again, many thanks for your helpful, friendly and personal blog!



    • Totalthinker
      Dec 10, 2010 @ 17:21:26

      I understand game fatigue, and I certainly understand the desire to quit games. Especially when they keep inventing new ones.

      If people order after you place a “closed” notice, it’s their fault. A few spoiled orders and they’ll get the message.

      Adventure Bay has put me into the fatigue category. I really love it though, and they’ve made it so much more interesting than the We Rule knock offs that have never shined in quite the same way. The quests are real quests (not the faux quests in we rule) and I like the idea of dropping in on other players to speed their ships. If I had to choose between Adventure Bay, We Farm and We City, I would definitely choose Adventure Bay.

      By the way, have you noticed they never delivered the last wonder of the world in We City?

      One solution that I’m considering is to quit planting and quit harvesting blueberries and houses and ice cream trucks and to simply check in twice a day and return people’s orders. This drastically reduces the game time.


      • Singoalla
        Dec 11, 2010 @ 01:02:03

        I agree about Adventure Bay, it does offer a bit more of involvement with its “real” quests, the collections for loot and helping people speed up their boats regardless of how many orders you’ve got or made. Have you noticed those small boats on the lower part of the jetty? They seem to indicate the last three people who visited your island!

        You’re right about the We City wonders, I hadn’t thought about that. But on the topic of change in these game worlds, I really miss the old music in We Farm!

        An update on closing my We City: Since the sign I’d made with flowers wasn’t working very well, I reopened while thinking about what to do. Now I think I’ve found much better solution, in fact I don’t know how it could be any clearer, and I wanted to share it here in case anyone else can make use of it (either for the holidays or on a more long term or final basis). I cleared a fairly large area and wrote the word “closed” with the snow tiles.

        It really stands out now and I think it would be hard to miss. I’m so pleased with the solution and I think one could achieve the same result using the river tiles in We Rule or We Farm, if one so wishes.

        I hope your solution for cutting back on We City works for you and thank you for taking the time to respond to my comment.

  4. Fendora
    Dec 12, 2010 @ 11:33:34

    At last, an updated website about we rule. =)

    But i have a question about stacking, don’t you find groves more difficult to harvest once stacked?

    I have like 200 ruby groves on each realms (3 for now) and on my main map… But it’s a pain to harvest those… It was fun when it took one or two minutes, but i need 10 minutes counting loading times… =(

    Do you have a tip on this?


    • Totalthinker
      Dec 14, 2010 @ 03:45:45


      Not really, not if you space them out like in the illustrations so that each grove is represented by one row of trees. There are usually a couple that are hard to harvest but with practice you can find the sweet spot that collects the reward. Basically I just click on the first grove and move my finger only slightly to touch the next one. Even with lapover stacks (like tucking them into corners, or in tight formations like in acehound’s kingdom) selection is only a little more difficult.

      It also takes a slightly lighter touch than you might be used to.

      If you’re concerned, try creating a test row of six or seven groves. Practice harvesting the test row a few times until you’re comfortable selecting each grove.


  5. Fendora
    Dec 15, 2010 @ 16:17:48

    Thanx, but i’m used to harvest my lines now, but it still feels it takes longer than ususal… ^^
    With 200 groves by realm i must tap 600 to 1000 times my screen to harvest, every 6 hours…
    I guess that’s the price to pay when you want to farm a lot. x)

    I would love an option to harvest all groves in a row, or that we just had to touch the groves to harvest (not to have to tap them)…


    • Totalthinker
      Dec 16, 2010 @ 08:25:59

      I think, perhaps, if someone framed it to ngmoco:) this way: “Just think, if players didn’t have to spend an hour harvesting groves they might be willing to spring for more mojo to buy more groves,” then they might consider it.

      Or once the carpal tunnel suits start being filed for people suffering from damage to their index finger due to repetitive tapping, that might provide some incentive as well.

      We might even start a separate news group for players to trade finger fatigue war stories. “My cat bit my finger all the way through while I was trying to meditcate her. And it was my grove harvesting finger. Can you imagine the pain of tapping with a finger inflamed from a bad cat bite. If only…”

      We’ll just have tom see, but I certainly understand.


  6. Sri
    Dec 19, 2010 @ 03:10:50

    So you would basically recommend groves over founts right??
    Sorry to bother you but what would you recommend that a level 26 should buy?? I want to get the most coin value??
    Superknight98 is my kingdom.


  7. Sri
    Dec 19, 2010 @ 16:54:59

    So you would recommend groves over founts right? Also what would you recommend that a level 26 should buy?? Which shop will give me the most coins?
    Please order from me, Superknight98


    • Totalthinker
      Dec 21, 2010 @ 03:03:54

      As soon as you can afford ruby groves, buy them. They’re much cheaper than founts which means it won’t take nearly as much time to pay them off.

      But I know some readers disagree with me.


  8. Fendora
    Dec 21, 2010 @ 08:52:45

    I agree, groves are best.

    But now there the sleigh too, 1 coin and 100 xp in 4 hours, and takes very little room. ^^
    7500 coins “only”
    Maybe it can be interesting for high levels, when only xp counts.
    No limits (i assume), very little, better xp revenue than diamond groves…

    But i found it too bad it’s a sleigh… Vast plantations of groves are somehow logical, but vast plantations of…Sleighs?
    I know I won’t do it.


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