One quick post before Christmas

Special Post: I am looking for examples of kingdoms who really decorated with the holidays. If you have seen a kingdom you like, please send me their username so I can take a screenshot for the Christmas post.

Winter hardy plants

For those of you who need to bail from the game for Christmas but don’t want your plants to spoil, both the sunflowers and bird of paradise take at least eight days from planting to the time they spoil. The birds of paradise could possibly be pushed to nine if you time them right.

If you plan to be gone longer than that you may want to plan your trip around at least one Starbucks or a Barnes and Noble with a wi-fi connection to check in before everything spoils.

More delivery specials

They’re doing another expediated delivery schedule tonight. This, of course, was the same night Carol decided to do the Santa quest and asked me to clear out a couple of shops so she could park at mine. I had to clear out seven or eight, twice, before she could finally get in because people are looking for those quick return bargains.

So before you go all out to return items, be aware of a couple of things:

  1. Leaderboard position for deliveries made is temporary unless you’re willing to go all out. I participated last time, blew a lot of mojo, made it to 13 on the leaderboard and then went to sleep. I’ve been falling behind since. That’s fine with me. I figured that would happen. But if you want to play be prepared to spend a lot of mojo to return those deliveres, and be aware that some players will continue to do so after the reduced prices end tomorrow.

    Still, it’s fun to be there even for a while.

  2. The last time ngmoco:) did this, they accelerated the times for completing orders as well. Carol had several orders spoil overnight because she didn’t realize they were going to complete so quickly. Check your busy shops’ completion times to make sure you won’t miss an accelerated deadline.
I was in the top 15 for deliveries for a night, and the top 20 for a day or two after. But I would have had to spend several hundred mojo to keep up since then. Even so, it was nice while it lasted.

Click image to see full size

Send those kingdoms in

One of my surprises for Christmas was going to be some screen shots of the best Christmas/Solstice/Hanukka season kingdom themes I could find. Unfortunately, I have discovered that I just can’t get to all the three million plus possible kingdoms (or even several dozen at random).

I never really thought about a seasonal design, I just arranged items as they arrived. But some people really have thought the design through.

So please send an email
with the player names of kingdoms you thought were nicely decorated for the holidays. I will visit them and screen shot the ones I like best for the Christmas post.

The player doesn’t have to use all the seasonal items, just incorporate some of them into a nice seasonal theme.

This was my seasonal kingdom, and it doesn’t compare to some that I’ve seen. Nor do they have to be as cluttered. Please share the player names of seasonal kingdoms that impressed you.

Click image to see full size

Contact me at Email iPad Envy, or
Email The Hidden Grimoire.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Ravenpuff
    Dec 23, 2010 @ 06:08:59

    Thanks for the recommendation on the sunflowers. I checked mine after 3+ days of no wifi and was sure they would have spoiled. Good to know for a week long away trip.

    Have to complain about the Starbucks and McDonald’s wifi connection, though. Made the trip specifically to the near-by Starbucks to only to find I couldn’t connect. A 20 minute wait on my cell with their wifi support only for them to deny they had issues and for me to call Apple support for issues with my iPad. *BUZZ* Wrong answer. Hubby (and software/compiler engineer) said they were just trying to get out of trying to help me get online at all by fobbing it off on it being Apple’s fault. The McDonald’s next door also had wifi that was no accessible either, which if funny because my local McDonald’s back home, I have no issues at all hooking into their wifi.

    My recommendation, if your local Starbucks or McD’s or books store of choice fails on providing wifi access as I experienced, check out Hubby found an open wifi spot two houses down from my parents’ house, which I finally got to check out since it *finally* stopped raining and don’t want to stand in the rain with my iPad (and get it wet).

    War walking. Gotta love it!


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