The advantages of bulk installations

Several players have written comments or emailed me to ask my advice on the best buildings to buy for their kingdoms to get ahead. Before I answer that question I usually drop by to see what they’re doing.

One thing I’ve noticed is that novice players (and even experienced players) prefer to invest in one of each building rather than concentrating on multiple copies of the more lucrative buildings.

You can build an attractive kingdom and still focus on adding multiple copies of the more lucrative buildings. This layout is available by L6. Spend six dollars for three ice sculptor’s abodes and you will be able to attract repeat business. I didn’t add the abodes because I didn’t want to spend the money just to do this illustration.
Click image to see full size

I understand the reticence. Until you really study the leading players its easy to follow the model of the players you order from every day. When players do stumble onto kingdoms that concentrate shops, it’s easy to think they’re the players making the wrong move.

There are a couple of other reasons I can imagine.
A game is rarely defined by its rules. Those are merely the stepping stones for players to develop strategic responses. These responses include making the rules and guidelines work to their advantage, often in ways the games’ designers never intended. It takes a lot of practice for players to see the difference between strategic and ordinary moves.

Another reason is that players follow the game’s achievements lists, which basically take players through a basic set of moves for building their kingdoms. What many players never consider is this: You can take the achievements on at your own schedule. You can earn the coins and experience first, then fill in the shops for the achievements lists later.

Players begin to make moves up the leader board when they realize they don’t have to build their kingdoms based on the buildings available at each level. The real goal is to reach the level where they can purchase the buildings with the best return.

Unfortunately, I think a number of players are afraid to install six or seven mines or ponds—even though the return per cost is better than many of the shops at higher levels—because they are afraid they will lose their money.

Players also seem to be extremely reluctant to sell back shops because they think it will cost them. They fail to understand a basic business principal that applies to this game: You have to spend coins to earn coins (and more experience).

Now that you can move buildings back to inventory, you shouldn’t have that fear anymore. When you finally reach a level where you need to install multiples of a better shop, you can move the older shops into inventory and put them in another realm later.

You should also remember, however, that every new shop you install also earns a lot of experience points up front. Items in inventory don’t add additional experience points. You will do even better to sell those old buildings off and add new buildings for the experience points.

Attracting customers

The number one reason why you should concentrate on multiples of the best shops rather than one of every shop is to attract customers. Players who want to move up in the game want the best return for their visit. If they know that your shop will have six viking ships and six medusa’s lairs that means they will have a better chance of finding a good shop than a kingdom with one of everything.

If you doubt this, think it through yourself. A young player orders from you so you return the order to keep her business. The player has several friends already and only ten different shops. Almost always the only open shops will be the mine and the lumberyard.

You return as soon as you get the notice that she returned your order, but the others remain filled. The odds are likely that you will not be able to place better orders, and the ones you can place just don’t return enough to make coming back again and again worth your while.

Another lower level player has four ice sculptor’s abodes, four cemeteries and four tailor shops in her kingdom. Which kingdom do you think is more likely to provide a higher paying return for your visit? Yes, this is a rhetorical question but even rhetorical questions have value when they remind you of what should be obvious.

Customers will go to the kingdoms with the better payoffs.

If you’re still not convinced, visit the leaders (and the leaders among your friends, whom you can also access from the leader board). You can look for two things:

  • How many copies of the better shops do they have?
  • What are customers ordering?

Most of the game leaders not only have tons of ruby groves, they also tend to concentrate their kingdoms on three or four shops. And these shops are almost always full.

The second question is probably more illuminating. In my experience, orders will always flock to the high value shops with only the occasional order being placed with the occasional lower valued shops placed for decoration or balance. The higher-return shops always get better traffic than the lower return shops.

Still pretty

I think young players may also be concerned that their kingdoms should have one of every kind of shop because they will look better. This isn’t necessarily true, at least later on as they reach higher levels and more decorative objects become available.

Great designers frequently repeat elements to create distinctive patterns and looks (and I will talk about this in the future). With thoughtful placement you can make a beautiful kingdom out of nothing but ponds, tailor shops, pine trees and roads.

If you don’t have multiples of one or more shops, but you do have some customers who drop by regularly, try an experiment for me. Invest in three of the most profitable shops available at your level before you add anything else. Make sure they really have a good total point and hourly payout.

If the customers gravitate toward the three shops, add another. You should find that the four copies of the same shop are always full and your other shops aren’t. This should be all the convincing you need.

If not, move the extras into inventory to use when you add new realms, and go back to the old way.


16 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kendrickhphoto
    Jan 11, 2011 @ 15:33:35

    This is good advice for everyone because people gravitate to the best shops. I’ve seen experienced players being empty because they’re focused on trying to have everything rather than giving their customers high paying shops it all really depends on how your goals are focused. If you don’t care about being ordered from or experience points go for what you want to put in your kingdom and you’ll be happy but if you want repeat returns from customers put the best shops that you can afford.

    There are a lot of lower and sometimes higher level players that don’t play the game for the math. With all of the people playing most don’t know of sites like these where you can find out the hourly payouts for businesses. With the inventory feature out I’ve had to move my vintage chateau out of my main realm because people see it and the stats look better than my 36 Olympus’ but don’t realize that it’s order time is shorter and it gives out better returns because of that. All I’m really trying to say is that you could put a falconry in your kingdom and it might get a lot better business then something else because of the high payout that it shows when you try to order from it, even though stats wise it’s one of the worst businesses in the game.

    As for having the same business over lot of different businesses I can attest to that as well, I can deliver every single Olympus order that I have (all 35 of them) and they will be full within 5 minutes of that.


  2. confuzed1
    Jan 13, 2011 @ 04:34:44

    I concentrate on chimeras, since that is the best item I can currently build.

    At the end of the sale, I will spend the last of my coins though, to maximize my savings.

    On an unrelated note, I just thought I’d add a random thought…

    I’m a chess geek. I play Chess With Friends every day (game handle is ‘TheConfuzed1’).

    I have been thinking about using the statues to incorporate a chess board into my game, and I’ve seen a few others do it.

    I believe I even remember a chess board in TotalThinker’s kingdom.

    However, none have been as beautiful as the one in MMicah’s main realm. It truly is a wonder!

    I think I may have to borrow his idea of using roads and wooden planks. 🙂


  3. confuzed1
    Jan 14, 2011 @ 04:25:52

    Whoa!!! Check out ‘FishnShips’!!!

    It’s amazing! And 3D!!! 


  4. acehound
    Jan 15, 2011 @ 09:35:02

    Thanks for the reminder TT. I was stuck on what to do in a redesign… This blog reminded me that there is elegance in simplicity. Current redesign going for the basics… Earth, Air, Water and Fire with a bulk installations that works with the realm theme. Thanks again TT.


  5. Wencheslas
    Jan 18, 2011 @ 00:48:12

    Kendrickhphoto has 3 realms entirely filled with fountains. I think the fountains fit 16 x 16, which is 256 fountains in a realm. That is 768 fountains in 3 realms. 768 fountains purchased at 90,000 coins a piece is 69,120,000 coins.Harvesting every 6 hours yields 96,000 coins and 188,160 xp This is quite an impressive haul especially if harvested 3 times per day to yield 288,000 coins per day and 564,480 xps per day. I have been able to purchase about 90 fountains and they fill a quarter of my west realm. I really like the way they look and they are much easier to harvest than stacked rubies and diamond.

    Rosebud51 and Rosebud52 have nice looking kingdoms. The winter look is quite ethereal.



  6. Kendrickhphoto
    Jan 18, 2011 @ 20:27:27

    @Wencheslas – you can actually fit 324 (18×18) founts in a realm. I was building them when you were posting because since then I’ve completely filled all my realms and the bottom half of my main realm 1506 total and they were all purchased with coins 135,540,00 of them. It took a while but I got it done. I’m harvesting them every 6 hours at 11 and 5 am and pm (I don’t go to sleep until after 11 and I have to wake up at 5 every morning) so I’m getting all 4 harvests in a day. It all comes down to 1506 x 240 x 4 and thats 1,445,760 xp/day. I have 263 sleighs and I harvest those 5 times a day and those give me 131,500 xp/day. Then I’m always full on Olympus’ which broken down equates to 42,000 xp/day. Lastly I plant VFT’s for about 15 hours a day giving me another 187,500 xp/day. All in all I’m doing right at 1.8 million xp/day and a little over 800,000 coins/day. What I’ve just started doing though is when I hit 10 million coins I’m spending it all on diamond roads and placing them in the space in the middle of my main realm and then deleting them, which gives me an extra 4 million xp every 12.5 days and that comes out to 320,000 xp extra per day pushing me over 2.1 million xp/day. Mind you this is all without the use of mojo and I have a clear shot at the leaderboards without stacking a single item.

    The other guy who got started on the founts a while before me is Medyr and is currently sitting 6th on the leaderboard about to pass dangun.


  7. Superknight98
    Jan 19, 2011 @ 02:03:28

    So I should invest in founts rather then vintage chateaus? Right now I’m saving for one of those but I also want to decide if I should buy founts instead.


  8. acehound
    Jan 19, 2011 @ 02:57:25

    @kendrickphoto – I remember those days in my quest to reach the top. It can be very painful sometimes… Very impressive. I would hate to see what you could do if they didn’t limit the daily harvest on stacked kingdoms.

    @Supernight98 – your purchase decision will depend on your goals. If you are xp oriented with an eye on top 25 then fonts are the way to go. If you want repeat orders from a solid base of customers, the Chateau is your best bet.


  9. Kendrickhphoto
    Jan 19, 2011 @ 06:16:43

    @acehound – painful is definitely the right choice of words. I’ve thought about if stacking were allowed and I could fit a couple thousand in there but I honestly do enough tapping a day to drive anyone mad. I don’t know how you did it with thousands of stacked rubies. I had my rubies stacked for a while just for aesthetics and it drove me nuts, the main reason I think is because I did three of the four harvests on my iPhone every day.

    @superknight98 – I would completely go for what makes it fun for you. If you want to chase the leaderboards then you’ve got a long road ahead of you and honestly the Olympus’ for me are just for the customer base and having that social interaction in the game. If you look at the numbers I would be much better off filling that space with founts and using my 38 ordering slots at other peoples kingdoms.

    If you look at the numbers for the Chateaus you’re looking at spending 10,150,000 coins for 35 of them and if you do keep those busy time after time you would be getting 25,116 xp/day. That same 10 million coins could buy you 112 founts which at 4 harvests/day would come out to 107,520 xp/day. Even if you did 2 harvests/day you’re still looking at 53,760 xp/day and that’s idle revenue you don’t have to constantly have to worry about keeping those full.

    Just to reiterate, part of this game comes down to realizing it’s a game and if it just becomes work then what’s the point. I like having that leaderboard to chase and that’s what makes it fun for me but for most people they like designing their kingdom and not worrying about the leaderboard.


  10. Superknight98
    Jan 19, 2011 @ 12:02:25

    What is a “turn around time”? You said in the first post your vintage chateau had a short order time?


  11. Superknight98
    Jan 19, 2011 @ 12:03:34

    I’m actually trying to make cash not xp.


  12. Kendrickhphoto
    Jan 19, 2011 @ 13:13:41

    Sorry I was trying to say my Olympus’ have a shorter return time than my Chateau. The return time for the Chateau is 72 hours and it gives out 41.7 coins/hr and 29.9 xp/hr. If you’re looking to make coins then don’t bother with any of that fill all of your side realms with ruby trees. They only take 25 days to start making a profit. Founts are horrible they take 180 days for their turn around so you’ll be in the hole for 6 months as opposed to less than one. If you can buy diamond groves with mojo then by all means spend $400 on those but don’t buy the coin version of those they’re just about as bad as founts.


  13. Kendrickhphoto
    Jan 19, 2011 @ 16:00:30

    Sorry I don’t think I answered your question in there. The “turn around time” I was referring to in my first post was when someone places an order at the Chateau how long it takes to complete the order. I talked about another turn around time in my last post but that was completely different. Ruby trees cost 10000 coins to place and pay out 100 coins every six hours. If you harvested them every six hours then it would take you 25 days for you to essentially pay them off. Because 100 x 4 x 25 equals 10000.


  14. Superknight98
    Jan 19, 2011 @ 22:45:28

    Ok. Thank you!


  15. TBrandonE
    Apr 29, 2011 @ 22:21:42

    I’m having trouble figuring out the business rules and regulations. I have a second account made just to check my main as a visitor would. Im noticing that sometimes (not every time) after I complete an order my main remains closed for business. Sometimes up to 48hrs. Now I know for sure the account is under 35 orders. Why would this happen? Other times as soon as I fill the order, open for business immediately. I’m not putting together a pattern or connection. Have you experienced this?


  16. Pico
    May 08, 2011 @ 14:58:58

    Kingdom for sale ! Check eBay 
    Video games, We RulE


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