Last chance for contest

Don’t forget, you have until midnight tonight to finish up your realms to submit for the contest entry. That’s midnight PST, which means 3am on the East Coast.

That will be a little more than six hours from the time of this post, which is plenty of time to redo an entire realm even if you love to procrastinate. The more the merrier.

Contest deadline looming

I’m back from Chicago but now I have until 3/17 to write and polish the paper for publication. It never ends.

Don’t forget the contest deadline is Sunday.

Don’t forget we have three themes:

  • Themed kingdom
  • Most creative use of stacking
  • Use of repetition

I’m just saying this because almost all the entries are in the themed kingdom category.

Increase your chances by thinking more broadly.

The new battlements could add some nice pattern possibilities in the repetition category.

And with the sapphire groves, you could stack for the fourth of July (ruby, diamond, sapphire).

See you in a couple of weeks.

Playing in the We Rule Super Bowl

Well, I’m in Chicago and there’s no snow in the roads, just piled up on the sidewalks.

I’m at the International Conference for Religion and Spirituality in Society and, even though I said I wouldn’t blog until March, I just wanted to thank all my friends for placing orders and helping me move into the top 100 on the leadership board.

I finished at 99 around two this morning and took a screen shot to celebrate. I figure that’s kind of like being a member of the two teams that make it to the Super Bowl, even if I’m the guy that sits on the bench waiting to get sent out on one play only to bat my own quarterback’s pass into the waiting arms of a Packer’s cornerback.

Think about it, there are more than three million We Rule players and there are more than three million kids and adults playing football. Each NFL team has 50 players.1

Unfortunately since I will be very busy, and not on We Rule, I will probably drop back ten or twelve places this week.

But I made it, if only for one harvest.

There it is. No 99 on the experience point leader board. Carol congratulated me, but I she probably thinks it’s kind of silly. Just like I used to tell my mom how good her cooking was.

Click image to see full size

Keep working on your kingdoms for the design contests and don’t forget to include “we rule design contest” in the subject field (which some of you haven’t). Otherwise I may overlook it.

You do have another two weeks to work on it, so feel free to make additional changes even if you’ve already submitted.

1Okay, 53, but that means I made it to the Super Bowl of We Rule sometime last week and kind of ruins the story. And I would probably be one of the players on the five player practice squad.back

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We Rule Design Contest

I have two announcements today:

First, I will be taking a month away from blog Monday entries. I will return on Monday March 7 (which is actually only four entries missed).

I will still be updating the site with new building information on the day they are released, with a new analysis each Thursday. And if there’s something I really need to tell you, I will.

But I’m presenting at an international conference on religion and spirituality in society (who would have thought from this blog?) and I need to focus on finishing the slides and travel.

But that’s not the big news.

Readers may be aware that there’s still a lot of uncertainty about the status of stacking (or sliding) in We Rule kingdoms. Some players report locks on new ruby groves. I have also received emails about random scans counting the number of groves in player kingdoms.

ngmoco:)’s official position, at least in their correspondence with me, is that they haven’t been removing groves. But I haven’t received any promises that this will continue to happen. So Acehound has done a number of experiments designed to allow players to maximize the use of sliding while remaining under the radar.

This guy knows his stuff. I’ve posted screenshots of his amazingly well-designed pre-purge wall-to-wall stacks in the past. And this brings me to today’s announcement, the first We Rule: The Hidden Grimoire

We Rule design contest

Players can enter any of three categories:

  1. Theme design for a realm. Players should devote one realm to a specific theme (winter, Santaland, mediterranean, evil dead).
  2. Best use of building repetition. It can’t just be trees, rivers, roads and walls. Players have to build a symmetrical or assymetrical pattern using one to three buildings. They can use decorative objects and additional buildings to compliment the pattern or design.
  3. Most creative stacked object. It can be groves, sleighs or even (good luck on this) oases, but it should be something that returns income.

The prizes

Each winner will:

  • Have their realm presented with a screen shot on this site.
  • Receive a PDF file with Acehound’s stacking secrets. This is stuff I’ve never published on this site, and never will.
  • Be gratified that they have been recognized above the three+ million other players for their efforts.

We will also display screenshots of any other kingdoms we feel have merit. So even if you don’t care about learning Acehound’s secrets to stacking (although I can’t imagine anybody that wouldn’t want the secret just in case), you still have plenty of reason to submit.

Contest rules

  • Entries must be emailed by midnight CST February 27, 2011
  • Players can enter more than one category, but not with the same realm.
  • Players can only win in one category (they don’t need two copies of the PDF brief).
  • Themed realms shouldn’t have any objects that don’t compliment the theme.
  • Entrants must email a screen shot of their entry to and
  • Entries must include “we rule design contest” in the subject field.
  • Entrants should include their plus+ id so we can look at the kingdom.
  • Entrants should include their name and the name of their theme or stacked object.
  • I reserve the right to disqualify any entry I feel is getting too squirrely with the few rules I’ve laid out. If you submit your entry at least one week before deadline, I will let you know if there’s a problem.
  • Neither Acehound, Carol or I can enter this contest.

So get to it. You have a month to go wild in any realm. That should give you plenty of time to harvest crops, plant groves and earn the coins you need to go wild.

Why wouldn’t my gorgeous realm win the theme category? Because the Medusa and chimera really don’t belong in the winter wonderland. The troll bridge and founts could pass, but definitely not the medusa and chimera.

Click image to see full size

See you in the blog spot in a month, and every Thursday with new shops analysis.

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