The wedding lottery arrives

The royal wedding received far more attention than I would have expected this week. A bridal boutique, Buckingham Palace, two carriages, two tower bridges, a floral arrangement, black jewelry shops and a dowry quest.

ngmoco:) is being more generous with the royal items than the gold and ruby items. So if you really want to blow mojo for a bridge or carriage, you stand a good shot of getting them on your first or second try. At least while they’re available, which may not be much longer.

Note that I said “chance.” We’ll discuss this more later.

Jesus only got bunnies last week, and they aren’t really Easter symbols but spring equinox symbols (you know, weird pagan ritual territory commercially transformed into cute children’s fluffy toys) . I’m sure Christians will be offended. I sure am. But even people who think he’s mythical should be perturbed that the bride of the son of a mythical ruler (I mean she’s Queen, but she doesn’t rule anything) gets more attention than the son of God (even if he’s mythical).

And what’s this Duke and Duchess of Cambridge nonsense? Surely this isn’t the Duke of the fine academic institution Cambridge? I mean William and Kate make a pretty couple, but scholars? No way. Surely they don’t mean the American Cambridge which also houses two fine institutions of learning. How about the Duke and Duchess of Fashion Icons, or Duke and Duchess of Paparazzi? Wouldn’t that be more appropriate?

I’m not sold on the royal black items either. Since when is black the color of royalty? Let’s be honest, these items are black because Britain is still covered with coal dust from the Industrial age. What do people think the London Fog really is? Coal soot and sulphur and other noxious particles from smokestacks. So the black buildings may not say royalty but they do say England.

Buckingham Palace was supposed to come with a guard, at least that’s what this weekend’s splash screen seemed to imply, but I have yet to see him. The only explanation I can think of is that the guard was originally modeled after a certain eighteen-year-old guard who ended up being fired this week for posting on Facebook that Kate was a whore and a cow because she didn’t wave at him personally.

Out of deference to the royal couple, ngmoco:) or DeNA may have decided to fire his character as well. All of which leads me to believe that the royal couple (we don’t capitalize royalty in America) received such deference either because British players buy more mojo than the rest of us, or that someone in the royal family plays and personally buys more mojo than the rest of us.

So, ngmoco:), on the next Christian holiday, say Veteran’s Day or the Fourth of July, let’s give credit where credit is due. Let’s have some American flags with crosses instead of stars like the founding fathers intended. And maybe a fireworks stand because nothing celebrates Jesus like fireworks, even if we shoot them off a week too late. And on Christmas, I want a We Rule nativity with a quest for each of the three kings.

Lottery Luck

My friend Ziessel wrote me in Trade Nations that he only spent eight mojo to boost gifts and he got a Black Dragon even though he’s only L34. He wanted to know if he did something wrong.

Readers—especially readers who spent hundreds of mojo and only got a handful of golden stuff—don’t be mad at Zeissel. The gift wagon is a lottery, aka a crap shoot. Some people do well, others don’t. Now it’s possible that ngmoco:) secretly tracks the amount of mojo spent and boosts the number of cool gifts with the amount of mojo you spend.

The question is, which would you prefer? Spending 50m on the chance of a gold tavern or a guaranteed black dragon?

Bug fixes(?)

ngmoco:) also released a new upgrade aimed at making We Rule more stable. And, in my experience, it is. It now only crashes once or twice when I harvest and not four or fives times like it used to. It does however, crash more often when I launch.

On balance, I’m happy with the improvements and I hope this bodes well for more to come. I suspect most long-term players will be too. New players, on the other hand, might wonder why a game this long in release is still so buggy. But that’s because they have nothing to compare it too.

So a genuine thanks to ngmoco:) for improved stability along with a request that it doesn’t stop.

21 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Superknight98
    May 02, 2011 @ 17:52:54

    Sadly, I’ve been addicted to the gift cart. It always seems to give me money. Once I got 500,000 coins. Also, there were no bunnies in my kingdom.


  2. pjsplantation/v3gasvamp1
    May 02, 2011 @ 21:11:34

    speaking of mojo…is it only me but 90% of the time when I all a game for mojo I dont get the credit…I emailed ngmoco and they wont be responsible for unrewarded mojo…am I doing something wrong when loading the new game?


    • Superknight98
      May 03, 2011 @ 19:52:47

      You have to play the game for at least 5-10 minutes. Also, if you already have the game and you deleted it and reinstalled it for mojo, it won’t work.


  3. chezmah
    May 02, 2011 @ 21:43:58

    left you a note on “birthers unite” …..
    never do know what comment stream to add my comments in on !!!!


  4. Keefyisme
    May 03, 2011 @ 05:12:02

    Prince William met Kate Middleton at St.Andrews, Scotland’s first university. He gained a 2.1 honours in his geography MA degree, while she achieved a 2.1 ( upper second-class honours) in the history of art. Scholars? Maybe…


  5. Galendulac
    May 03, 2011 @ 15:20:18

    Easter was never a Chrisian holiday. It was known by at least a dozen similar names throughout northern Africa and most of the Eurasian continent; Eostre, Astara, Astaru, Esther, Eastur, Astru, Astrakan, etc. All of those predate Chritianity and some likely predate Judaism.


  6. Ravenpuff
    May 03, 2011 @ 19:01:17

    What happened to all the Arabian stuff? When did that go away? I get distracted by preparing for a conference and I come back to finally buy a Sultan Palace and all the buildings are gone? I blinked and it’s gone. When did it go?


    • pjsplantation/v3gasvamp1
      May 03, 2011 @ 19:12:20

      Hi ravenpuff.. I believe the arabian stuff went away when the wedding stuff came out…If your lucky the arabian stuff is still in the gift cart…. I have lots of corners to sorry you missed it, it nice looking..


  7. pjsplantation/v3gasvamp1
    May 03, 2011 @ 19:13:07

    not lol you missed it, but lol i have many to sell… oops forgot punctuation


  8. Superknight98
    May 03, 2011 @ 19:53:42

    Is 200xp per 3 hours a good deal?


  9. Marlin35
    May 05, 2011 @ 12:53:20

    I love this blog. When I’m about to give up because of crashes, I come here and and see that’s it’s not just me, and read your satire and info, well… I decide to continue just to see what happens next. Interesting take on the gift cart lotto. I never thought of it that way, but it is true. I only get mojo from leveling up so when I accidentally boost and end up with a stupid wall, I’m more determined than ever not to ever buy it. But since I don’t have any mojo now, I don’t worry about those accidental taps anymore :-). If I ever get more than junk, I’m happy with it. But that doesn’t happen much! I’ve started a forrest of heart trees.


  10. pjsplantation/v3gasvamp1
    May 06, 2011 @ 22:39:26

    lottery luck….2 carriages and 2 flower arches and 1500 gold in my non-boosted gifts this morning…


  11. Sorrcia
    May 07, 2011 @ 03:22:54

    I have all seven items at a cost of about 200 mojo. During this week I also got two Valhallas and some kind of income generating structure about every other boost. If you wish to see the items, visit me, Sorrcia, north realm for royals. I must say the black was a disappointment. Whatever happened to purple as the royal color? Btw I have the royal guard but oddly I think he came with the royal place of worship instead of the palace.


  12. Beth
    May 07, 2011 @ 17:56:56

    I got a Valhalla from the gift cart this morning! I’m not even close to level 57. I just happened to get a few mojo for leveling up and I used it to boost a gift. Come visit my kingdom and you may order it!
    P.S.- love this blog!


  13. blueMINIs
    May 07, 2011 @ 17:58:44

    I also have plenty of other great shops if the Valhalla is taken. Add me!



  14. blueMINIs
    May 07, 2011 @ 18:26:16

    I got a Valhalla off the gift cart this morning! I got some free mojo, boosted a gift, and woo-hoo! I’m still 10 levels away from 57 and I was able to place it anyway. Come and place an order while it’s open.
    P.S.- love this blog, love we rule. I play constantly! Add me.


  15. elyse
    May 23, 2011 @ 11:06:43

    I got so many wonderful gifts from trying my luck with the gift cart.

    Here are some of what I got:
    3 Valhallas (yes, 3!)
    1 Viking Forge
    3 Hercules Temples
    1 Black Dragon’s Lair
    3 Inventor’s Studios
    2 Wedding Chapels
    1 Vintage Chateau
    2 gold Red Dragon’s Lairs
    1 Red Dragon’s Lair
    … and a lot of other buildings.

    I love the gift cart!
    A quick way of filling your kingdom, if you have plenty of mojo.
    I especially love the gifts that aren’t available to buy in my level (been doing this since level 40 — I’m now level 48), but I got ’em thru the gift cart.

    @flavenne in ngmoco:)


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