The Shogun syndrome

One and a half billion experience points. How is that possible? Shepul18 has more than one and a half billion experience points and barblaw isn’t far behind. I’m not even close to that and I already feel like this game is sucking the life out of me sometimes.

Carol blithely announced that she was getting tired of We Rule. But she still plays all the other games that I abandoned because I was spending so much time with We Rule.

Congratulations leaders, seriously. But don’t let your family know because mine has already threatened me with interventions three times and I lied and promised to never play again three times. Carol supported me because my family still thinks jennymanytoes is actually a fan of my iPad blog. If they knew it was Carol….Never mind, they would never believe Carol would play We Rule. She’s the responsible one who should have married someone better than their own son (and/or brother).

I’ve been away for a couple of weeks. I intended to be back last week but evidently a certain cat (who already makes too many guest appearances in my iPad Envy column) erased the post I slaved over all weekend and replaced it with a plea for cats in We Rule.

Now I love Jenny, I love all of our foster cats and especially the ones we adopted (sometimes because we realized no one else would), so I don’t need any more damn cats in We Rule.

Then, one of my readers posted a comment that cats came with the witch’s cauldron, so Jenny scratched at my shoulder and then the iPad screen until I went ahead and added several. No go, no cats. Then she was pissed at me because she thinks it’s my fault the cats didn’t show up.

She sits on the bedroom dresser, in the middle of our TV screen and stares at me, meowing at the top of her voice during the middle of our favorite shows, making sure I know she’s not happy about the cats. Or absence of them. Or total lack of concern whether We Rule has cats or not. My feeling? We’ll end up taking them in when irresponsible players abandon them.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that three cats showed up later, slinking around behind Valhalla. I’m not sure I will tell her. Siamese don’t have a high opinion of black cats because they’re always stealing her food. And I don’t want to have to put three cauldrons in every realm so I will have the maximum number of cats.

The China connection

As many players guessed when the Chinese monastery appeared on our splash screens Thursday, this was the weekend ngmoco:) went crazy with Chinese stuff. Players who looked for gifts may have even found foo dogs without spending mojo.

But don’t expect it to end. I’m sure they will announce Chinese gifts early next week, and then gold Chinese gifts, both of which will probably need mojo. Maybe we’ll even get jade groves (almost as good as emerald) and jade Chinese gifts in celebration of the orient.

Don’t forget oriental goals. Between gold and jade Chinese gifts and two or three oriental goals, they can rake in another half million in mojo sales. We Rule is one of the highest grossing all time apps for a reason.

Does this mean the orient will take control of We Rule? After all DeNA, who now owns ngmoco:), is a Japanese company.

I doubt it. I’m sure we’ll be off to Uncle Remus items with fox lairs and tar baby pits and briar patches, or maybe Winnie the Poo. After all, the game designers seem to have the attention spans of middle school boys. And it’s too early to return to Alice in Wonderland (or Disney may have already filed suit).

The new Chinese dragons both fly and slither through your kingdom, making a great addition to your dragon collection. The temple they come with takes up a lot of room, however. Maybe because it takes more space to rid yourself of bad dragon karma.

Maybe it’s time for Jules Verne with undersea realms and the Nautilus/Mysterious Island objects. Or Around the World in 80 Days with balloons and elephants. Or even, now that I’m riffing off the Nautilus, maybe Atlantis and a sinking island? If they can make Chinese dragons slither and fly, they can make an island sink.

Cheap Chinese goods

In some respects it was like shopping at Walmart this weekend. The oriental residences are 18k coins and deliver 160cp every hour. This is almost as much in one hour as the rubies deliver in six hours. The catch is that they ripen every hour. Still, they’re cheaper than 90k for founts, or 190k for wisdom groves so that’s a pretty good deal.

You can install fifty of each residence in each realm, and provide a great way to run up points in a weekend marathon.

The new oriental residences crank out coins and xp every hour, which means they can really bring revenue into your kingdom if you want to take the time to keep up with them.

And for a few more days you can get the dragon temples for $2, and that’s a cool dragon. Yes, it’s a lot for virtual crap but considering how much I spent for the Betty Page figurine posing in her leopard bikini (the one Carol makes me keep in the closet), it’s a decent price. And that dragon is awesome.

10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jiji808
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 20:23:27

    That Chinese dragon seems to have only one thing on his mind. Shameless.


  2. Moontown
    Jun 14, 2011 @ 05:08:58

    Maybe its just me, but the dragon looks like a praying mantis trying to mount another dragon. and not in a good way. I was happy with the 18000 buildings. I harvest mushrooms every hour so these just add on. and we will see how much this new farm all orb will cost. Ive heard 1,2,and 10 mojo each use. So we will see.


  3. chezmah
    Jun 14, 2011 @ 06:00:12

    yup ! that dragon’s got a way about him !
    could certainly provoke some distress in the damsels !
    funny that only the ladies commented on his antics !
    on the whole, like the oriental look,
    still cant get myself to persue the new goals. i think there’s something in my education that blocks me from buying stuff i already have and don’t need more of. is it a generational thing !

    once again, myninclination would be for NO ONE to play the goals and to make ngmoco redesign the goals so that you need not buy anything if you already have it (at least for any players that started the game before they changed the rules !


  4. koosh
    Jun 15, 2011 @ 22:04:12

    “One and a half billion experience points. How is that possible?”

    This is a question that deserves examination. We Rule is roughly 450 days old, which means 3.3 million XP per day every day for 450 days.

    The only way this is possible is by spending literally thousands of dollars on mojo. Amirite?


  5. TOGG 1986
    Jun 17, 2011 @ 03:40:20

    ngmoco must be dyslexic…their new”ORB”, probably should have been written as “ROB” since they are obviously trying to rob players of cash to play a supposedly free game.

    And to think people were upset over receiving “free” gifts that they have to pay MOJO to open. Who knew ngmoco could stoop lower out of the box! At least they didn’t put a bow on it this time. But, they did put that 75 Mojo price tag on it to make us feel like they were really giving us something special.

    So, basically ngmoco is allowing us to freely install the “ORB” which amounts to nothing more than a button or tab on the screen like any other, but in order for it to work, we have to spend 2 precious costly MOJO each and every time we want to use it. How stupid do we all look?

    I might of had a couple mojo to waste on their silly “orb” if they had put in a “confirm mojo purchase” button a long time ago, but unfortunately I have unintentionally lost almost every mojo I ever earned from leveling up because there is no purchase confirmation button.
    Ngmoco has continuously said they were working on this much requested item, along with the harvest/plant button. Maybe they should have asked their fellow employees who came up with the button that you have to tap to say yes to receive a gift from a “friend” even though there is no other option to tap to refuse the gift. Believe me I would have used it…I’m gonna gag if I get one more lava road, canal bank, or tree!

    In the beginning I downloaded a so-called free app with the understanding that free meant it would come with advertisements. If I wanted to spend $20. – $100. or more on entertainment I surely could find much better things and/or experiences that are real and long lasting.I am 3/4 of the way to level 50I I have never bought MOJO, and I don’t plan to. I have suffered through and endured a zillion crashes and reloads while ngmoco got their act together.

    So finally, this is the straw that broke the camel on my west realm’s back. When I reach level 50 and have filled all of my friends orders I will be quitting We Rule! And with all the extra time I will have not planting and harvesting crops and opening presents I will be able to comment frequently on the App Store!



  6. chezmah
    Jun 17, 2011 @ 09:20:12

    hi togg, an all !
    funny your thoughts reflect mine exactly !!! they must really think we are idiots… although, i am sure many may continue to indulge despite the all too obvious mojo racketeering that is taking over this game. TWO mojo to harvest one realm….. you’ve gotta be kidding ! my FREE orb went directly back into inventory !!!! not because i plan to be tempted to use it (i have played the game so far with very very very little mojo purchase) but because i’m afraid to hit it by accident and spend mojo unwillingly (accounting for 90% of mojo usage).
    i too have been thinking of steping out once i reach level 50; my goal has been a black dragon lair…. after that, who cares !
    i love my little kingdom and truely enjoy my we rule friends but the game is taking on aspects that irk me.
    For one, having to buy buildings i already have and dont need or want more of in order to reach goals makes no sense to me. Tried it out but its way too time consuming for the measly return. Tooo bad, i’ll never have a cute little flower shop but i hardly see the interest when it means i have to buy a bunch of useless junk to get it ! kinda feels like those ads we used to get in the mail : subscribe to x number of magazines (that you wont read, that will clutter your environment, kill trees, spew chemicals into the air, ground and water) just to get a cheap makeup case you dont need !!!!
    Like the gift cart… how many canal banks ( noticing you NEVER get the bottom corner and would have to purchase it to complete your canal) fortress walls, lava…. oh and statues !!! Give me some trees ok, can use trees anywhere,and would love some new varieties to integrate the oriental decor but walls where you have to buy more to complete a structure gets overly tiresome. and yes, like they give you the option to accept the gift you dont want, but geee, cant refuse it, can you ??? once again, i feel like they take us for idiots !
    one last complaint, while i’m at it, how difficult would it be for ngmojo to move the realm navigation button ???? !!!! and now they’ve put an arrow on the SW realm button which sends you home if you miss the SW icon by a mm !!!! its hard enough navigating between crashes, let alone having trouble getting each move perfect when you are already rather fed up with the constant technical glitches.
    ok sorry about spouting off on all this, but its been building up and the orb bit really set me off orbit !
    ps where does one comment on the app store ?


  7. TOGG 1986
    Jun 17, 2011 @ 10:35:13

    3 cheers chezmah!
    Just go to the We Rule app on the app store to leave a comment. And also, leave one on ngmoco’s website…
    I’m looking forward to hearing what our host Totalthinker has to say about the “harvest orb”.


  8. Miiso
    Jun 17, 2011 @ 16:18:20

    I was very excited when I discovered the harverst orb this morning. In theory a brilliant idea. But when I found out that I have to spend mojo for EVERY time I use it, can’t help it, but I felt betrayed. Still no mojo confirm button – but this…

    Also, the game has advertising in it, on iPhone at least, so there is really no need to go so aggressively for the players money.

    Togg, I really like your wordplay: Orb – rob, brilliant! 🙂

    Miiso & mejaa


  9. ravenpuff
    Jun 18, 2011 @ 06:20:29

    Minataur maze? Didn’t we *just* get all this Victorian beach side stuff? Is this going to make the game crash like crazy again?

    How about instead of a bunch of new stuff, they stop the game from frequently crashing.

    I refuse to place that stupid harvest orb. each two mojo just to harvest everything? Yeah, only if everything was so tightly stacked I couldn’t harvest, and might not even then.


  10. rob88249
    Jun 18, 2011 @ 13:53:45

    Agree with all the above. The game was much better 6 months ago. To many updates way to quick.

    orbs, gift carts, mojo only buildings and cash only buildings!

    Give our wallets a break!


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