More flutterfly updates

Hopefully this will be the final update before the end of the flutterfly event. But the way things have been going it will all change again tomorrow.

Thanks to Lycopodium we have the list of creatures:

  1. Catch the flutterflies
    • Garnet
    • Amethyste
    • Jade
  2. Flutterfly expert
    • Citrine
    • Amber
    • Topaz
  3. Flutterfly master
    • Turquoise
    • Peridot
    • Opal

The Grand Azure temple, the reward for the second quest, delivers 3850cp for vendors (128 hr) and 3837 (96) for customers. It’s also really unappealing. Yes, we saw the picture in the preview splash screen but I really didn’t realize it would look that way in our kingdoms. Hopefully the last goal with deliver a real payoff.

The Grand Azure Temple may well be the ugliest building ever released into We Rule. I’m sure one of the players reading the blog can tell me what the significance is, but that won’t make it any more pretty.

If we get there, of course.

The rate of butterflies being released into my kingdoms has dwindled to nothing. This could be because players have given up sending butterflies to other players, but I’ve used mojo to accelerate my lure harvests four times and only produced four flutterflies in the process. This is quite different from the first day when the first lures I planted attracted six or seven immediately.

In addition, I’ve seen no garnet or amethyst flutterflies since I completed the expert goal. I never really expected to see the new three right away (even though I spent 10m to catch the opal earlier and got jack for it). This is the most puzzling aspect of all.

My only guess is that a lot of players on the first goal had been sending the common flutterflies to the other players, and when some players reached the expert goal they started sending the more rare ones. Now, however, most players have moved on to the expert goal (or given up altogether) and so there are no more common flutterflies being sent to fellow players.

ngmoco:) may have decided to slow the game down because so many players were succeeding so quickly. Let’s hope they don’t forget what happened last time when a number of players didn’t even get to finish the dragon goal because they never found the crystal dragon.

Sure there are five days to go, but at this point so many players are confused that I wonder how long they will bother to pursue it. If I weren’t writing this blog, I would have given up yesterday.

Let’s hope that if a lot of players are still looking for flutterflies on Monday morning ngmoco:) holds off the next new product release and extends the goal a few days for the sake of player relations.

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ravenpuff
    Sep 14, 2011 @ 04:29:05

    The “Grand Azure Temple” looks like a spider than up and died, sitting dead on it’s back, shriveling legs curling up itself. If my seven year old daughter were looking at it, she might shriek and beg me to get rid of the spider. This newest building has crossed into the realm of fugly, topping the glass blowing building in terms of eyesores.

    I am tempted to not give a rat patootie about finishing this event. The crashing is so infuriating and wearisome, I only can bear to try and harvest once a day, because tending all my realms, after having it crash a dozen times in a row just to boot up the app. I don’t even have the patience to even order from other kingdoms as half the kingdoms I try to order something from causes the game to crash. (Sorry cameravixen, but just thinking of clicking on your kingdom makes the game crash. Otherwise I’d order from you more often.)

    Even my husband is so incensed over the inability of ngmoco:) to make a game that doesn’t crash all the time, he logged onto iTunes and rated the game a one star and went through and gave thumbs up to all reviews that also claimed ngmoco:) and their game We Rule crashes a lot.

    If ngmoco can’t fix their memory issues, I just might take an indeterminate hiatus from We Rule. I am just that fed up.

    Sorry ngmoco, your inability to fix a buggy game may just result in a major revenue loss and you’ll have your masters in Japan to answer to for the decrease in revenue.


  2. Anonymous
    Sep 14, 2011 @ 07:54:07

    This is a conversation that dlorgere_49 had with Joe.

    Joe : We just pushed a fix for the invisible Flutterflies. Want to give it a whirl?
    Doug : Sure. I will relaunch now
    Doug : There are not ant in my kingdom, but I don’t know if there are supposed to be
    Doug : I am not sure if anyone has sent me one lately
    Doug : Ok, So I just looked from my secondary account and it shows three flutterflies in my main. I will go check again.
    Joe : Those might be for a stage that you’ve surpassed. Seeing them on another account doesn’t necessarily mean anything.
    Doug Lorgeree: Oh, ok. I am on stage 2. Maybe that is why we are not getting them, since we are on the wrong stage?
    Joe : Our fix also only affects future Flutterflies
    Joe : I just double-checked, so hopefully if someone sends a new one to you it will show up.
    Doug : I just sent myself a garnet from an account and nothing showed up on my main.
    Joe : Are they both on the same stage?
    Doug : No, That is what I started to think earlier.
    Doug : Do they have to be the same stage?
    Joe : Yes.
    Joe: Otherwise they will queue until you both are on the same stage, if that’s possible.
    Doug: Ok. So if a stage 1 person sends to a stage 2 person, they can not recieve it. But when a stage 3 sends to a stage 2 it will queue?
    Joe: Correct.
    Joe: There are actually 18 different Flutterflies.


  3. chezmah
    Sep 14, 2011 @ 09:55:01

    to anonymous and all :
    wow !!!!!
    i am also having round and round communications with ngmojo and it amazes me that they seem oblivious to common sense !
    the app crashes every 3 minutes on average, as you said anonymous.
    i too apologize for not being able to order from my faithful contacts, just looking at their kingdom causes yet another crash. it takes me 3 hours to harvest and do my “rounds” per kingdom (have 2) so i have lowered my standards and complete only what i can!
    i have umpteen useless gifts (18 or so roundtables for example) and yet, with all the memory problems ngmoco keeps sending you questionably attractive elven condos, pyramids, statues etc that pile up and clutter the game. their goals demand multiple items too when we are all struggling with space issues to keep our kingdoms attractive and not just dumps for more stuff we dont even want or like !
    so….. why launch new events when the system does not support them ? i even have a mail from tech sup saying so and in response to the problem admit that they are hoping it will be resolved in several weeks !!!!!!
    so if i got this straight, we are offered a limited time event that makes the game unplayable and we are supposed to get excited that this event engenders the basic ability to earn coins and xp due to the imposibility of placing orders ????
    wow !!!!
    when i write to tech sup, they eventually respond asking for info on my account and ipad as if the problem comes from my device !!!!! despite all the complaints from who know how many players, they act as if i were not reinstalling often enough to “make the game work”. then finally they admit that its a memory prob!
    they should just give everybody the prizes for the event and scratch it. and please….. no more new events til they resolve their technical issues. let us play in peace!


  4. Taurius
    Sep 14, 2011 @ 23:03:52

    I sent you an Opal Flutterfly at 4:30 PM Mountain Daylight Time today 9/14/2011, Did you get it? I’ve gotten zero Flutterflies from friends in at least the last 24 hours.


  5. divercity7
    Sep 15, 2011 @ 18:26:04

    divercity7 :: it’s a free game so I decided to stop complaining… frustrating, but still I haven’t paid a dime to ngmoco:) so it’s hard to get mad at them. this new installment is obviously meant to keep us from getting bored with the game. have fun with it y’all.


  6. chezmah
    Sep 15, 2011 @ 22:25:12

    i would love to just enjoy the game and stop complaining however, i cant order from my friends any more, really !!!! 9 out of ten times when i try to visit my “regulars” it crashes over and over again. it now takes me close to an hour of consistent crashes to get lucky and get into a kingdom and hopefully get to place an order. ok, i agree its free, but this is a trial of determination, patience and endurance just to get thru maintaining basic daily harvesting and order placing ! maybe i’m more afflicted than some others with the problem but i can tell you that it,s more than nerve wreacking !!!
    and to all those to whom i cannot return orders, please forgive me, i’m doing my best but if it has crashed 3 times on your kingdom, i try another…. hopefully soon i will be able to get back to playing and ordering as we could in the past ! aside from the fact that i’m spending 5 times more time to get things done, i’m also missing out on the profits of the orders i cant place.
    so yes, even tho its free, i feel the need to complain that i CANT PLAY the game into which i’ve invested alot of time.
    I’m just praying that all of the situation will improve sooner than later cause i dont know if i can deal with it much longer !


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