Can elementals be contained in an iPad?

The elemental event ended this week and the winner was mellowy7 with 3518 elementals captured.

Wow. Did he/she sleep?

Zimidar was in second place, but he’s the perpetual leader board guy. Look on any leader board and he should be there somewhere. If ngmoco:) were to create an endurance leader board he would have to be the all time leader ever and ever amen.

Mellowy7 won the elemental event by collecting 3500 elementals. That is a lot of elementals for a supposedly mellowy player. How can he contain them? His iPad must be shaking like New York City in Ghostbusters with all the elementals trying to break free. Fortunately, there is no elemental Zool to release them.
We hope.

I kept playing to send elementals to other players who might need them, but I didn’t work that hard. But I only came up with 91. Then again, I really played to get the numbers so players could know what the rewards might be.

Without question, ngmoco:) did a good job with this event. Even the toughest elementals could be caught without mojo on the last day which should have made it easier for anyone to finish if they wanted. I caught four fire elementals, three lightning and wind elementals and two composite elementals on Wednesday, and I didn’t spend any mojo. And I stopped planting lures to attract them.

For poorer players this should send the message that if they hang on long enough they should be able to win without spending a lot on mojo. Hopefully this will continue into the next events as well.

The gift cart returned with no real changes that I can see. I noticed that gifts from ngmoco:) no longer boost themselves for you; you at least have to click the boost button again.

It was a first that ngmoco:) released more gifts than ordinary buildings this week. They released three boosted and one regular gift, one cash purchase item (the Eiffel Tower) and one building (Versailles). The theme would seem to have been the French Revolution except for the fact that the Tower was built a hundred years later.

I guess now is as good a time to depose the king and queen as any. I just wonder if we’ll see a guillotine to execute the We Rule monkey king and his consort. Now that would be entertainment.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chickmix
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 15:12:37

    I’ve been waiting for this gift cart update, and I hope we see more improvements as the gift-giving season starts. I boosted a bunch of gifts the first few days with left over event mojo. One big difference is that I actually received 3 free mojo in my boosting frenzy. Out of maybe 100 boosted gifts, the odds aren’t that great, but it’s something I’ve read a lot of players calling for. Good for ngmoco:).


  2. Lycopodium
    Oct 12, 2011 @ 23:39:44

    On the opening screen they mention that the gift cart is going to disappear soon.


  3. Moontown
    Oct 13, 2011 @ 02:57:49

    I spent more mojo on this last event than I wanted to, and I wasnt happy that we started getting them for free on the last day. This event go round, I will not be spending any mojo. Im protesting in my own quiet way. I have also boosted gifts and have gained nothing. I got the same dumb item 4 times in a row and two of them were boosted. So Im also protesting the gift cart for awhile. In fact I should fly to Wall Street and wave a sign saying something about Ngmoco: greed! Lol :


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