Some winners probably shouldn’t be named

I decided to wait to post today’s blog until after the Merry Men contest ended. Zimidar had been leading in Merry Men caught at 2 pm CST and then jewdog passed him to take the lead.

I might add that jewdog has managed to choose a player name only slightly less offensive to many players than niggadog who, fortunately for us, has shown enough wisdom not to use that name.

The winner of the Merry Man event is, well, I’ll let the screenshot speak for him.

The Merry Men event was much less frustrating this time around. As best I can tell players were able to collect bother rewards without mojo. Carol had everybody but one Will Scarlett by Saturday and she doesn’t play that often anymore.

I should correct myself for misidentifying King Richard as King John in my special update last week. It would have been Prince John. This doesn’t change the fact that King Richard wasn’t a merry man either; he was being held for ransom in the middle east at the time. He only showed up in Sherwood Forest as a surprise ending in the Kevin Costner version of Robin Hood (we presume to teach Costner how to speak English).

I’m also including the final three choices for book cover for the Grimoire eBook edition for readers to see. Carol’s already told me which one to use. Even though I have every right to choose one of the others, anyone who’s married will know the decision’s already been made.

This may seem like a lot of work for a book cover that will end up being 120×180 pixels in iBooks, but I will include it as a cover page illustration as well.

Carol’s choice is the leather book cover design. The photographer is Billy Alexander and the unedited photo can be seen on StockXchang.

This was the original cover design based on screenshots from my kingdom. I like the comic book feel, but most of it would be lost when reduced to iBooks format.

This was an earlier version of the book cover design. In many ways it’s cleaner, but I no longer have a say in the matter.

Carol and I are doing the final proofreading and I am winnowing out the screenshots that will actually appear in the book. Then it goes to BookBaby to submit to Apple.


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pjsplantation/V3gasvamp1
    Oct 17, 2011 @ 22:37:52

    Omg I am so glad that this event is over. The game crashed every 10 seconds and for the first 3 days I was going insane. Then I did a hard reset and poof no more crashes. As far as easy I didn’t see the last 2 “Merry Men” that I needed to finish til ts am. I was happy that I only used 10 mojo for the entire event and didn’t hav to either. I think that ngmoco actually did a good job with this event, plus I like the wagon with the horse. PS like Carols choice the best. Way to go!!!!


  2. Moontown
    Oct 18, 2011 @ 04:39:03

    I also had a bad time. I didnt see frier tuck til the last day an hour before it was gone. I spent 5 mojo to finish the first level. I was disapointed on the fact that i only saw the same people over and over again and almost couldnt finish just one. And by the way, I like the third cover, its cleaner looking and is easier to read.


  3. Janet E Webster
    Oct 18, 2011 @ 08:13:40

    Hi – I’m really sorry I’ve caused offence to you. It hadn’t occurred to me that my Plus name was offensive. My initials are J.E.W. and it is nothing to do with disrespecting the Jewish faith or any other section of society. Unfortunately I would have to start We Rule again under a different name as I’ve found out this morning that it isn’t possible to change it.
    Once again I’m really sorry I have upset anyone.


    • Totalthinker
      Oct 19, 2011 @ 02:11:19

      It didn’t offend me, but I suspect it actually does offend some people since “Jew Dog” is a term of derision in parts of Europe and in the Middle East. I was going for a cheap laugh, which I often do and which probably offended some readers as well.


  4. Elizabeth (i.e. eliza4222 on plus+)
    Oct 18, 2011 @ 20:43:34

    I did actually use mojo – to get both Robin Hoods, becuase I didn’t see my first one until pretty late in the game, so it was tough to move to level 2…then, of course, I was free catching him right and left.

    But I used much less, just the 10 for the Robin Hoods…

    I like the 3rd cover as well 🙂


  5. Peter
    Oct 18, 2011 @ 22:26:08

    “As best I can tell players were able to collect bother rewards without mojo.”

    I’m a no-mojo cheapskate. I have been able to get all 6 rewards (2 flutterflys, 2 elements, and 2 merry men rewards). I find that it’s slow collecting for the first few days but then picks up quickly. I think being active and having a lot of followers means many people send me their captures.

    If wonder how far people have gotten without buying mojo. With the new automatic harvesting, I’m concentrating on huge volumes of rent. Anyway, I’m current level 68 and should hit 70 before the end of the month. My kingdom is SunnyvaleCA, if you want to have a peek.


  6. ravenpuff
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 05:27:21

    Please. No more “events.” I have learned to just put down the iPad and walk away when they have events now. They are annoying and I refuse to dump any more piles of mojo into a game like that. I did the elementals and suffered through the crash-bugginess of the butterfly event, but the Merry Men event just was too much, too soon. I’ll do the catch for free, but I think I am so over dosed on having to blow mojo. I don’t think I caught a single merry man. And I don’t care anymore.

    Ngmoco should track to see if some of their long term players are either continuing to play or are logging off in droves. Would be interesting to be a fly in that revenue calculating program wall.


  7. CLindy
    Oct 29, 2011 @ 21:10:29

    It was hard to be patient about it, but I didn’t use mojo on the Merry Men. I did on the Elementals, just because the awards were beautiful and so high-yield. (According to my daughter, they were also very, very similar to some of the objects in World of Warcraft.)

    I’d have to vote for the third cover too. At thumbnail size, the first cover is going to be nearly impossible to read. Apologies to Carol!


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