Winter design showcase tops last year

Winter break arrives

I will be taking some time off to work on other projects as I did last year. I will post to the blog if something important happens, and I will keep updating the numbers as quickly as I can. See you in February.

And the showcase features…

The entries are all in and I picked the five designs I thought really expressed the possibilities of winter realms in We Rule. If your entry wasn’t included, that doesn’t mean I didn’t like it. These just struck a chord with me for balance, symmetry and creativity.

Next year I will remember to promote this more than I did so more people will get a chance to participate but I appreciate every entry.

The entries were far more elaborate this year, but we had a lot more to work with too. Had more of the winter gifts showed up, we might have seen even cooler displays.

The design that truly stood out (and usually I prefer more organic designs) was the Christmas tree by Petra Kunzan (asdfcxy3). K1W. Her south realm is worth checking out as well.
Click image to see full size

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Kevin Toh’s (storm738) dimensional kingdom conveys some creepiness when you realize how many skulls the goblins collected to build it. K2S
Michael LaSordo (ml411) built this slightly asymmetrical winter port city. K1SW
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The skull posts in this winter realm shouldn’t be quite so surprising since this is Valhalla, Priscilla Tan (pristan65) contributed this design.K1South
Note the use of locks, rivers and waterfalls in Dagmar Sinden’s winter realm (dee14850). K1MW
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You should check out Dagmar’s main realm, which is ready for Valentine’s day. Kevin Toh really went all out in his kingdom design, putting him up their with Jewingry for elaboration. One realm even extends way beyond the borders. I won’t tell you which one because so many are worth noting.

This is another one of those “how did he do it?” designs. Kevin extended elements far past the borders. I couldn’t even capture the entire realm with a screen shot.
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Mojo exhaustion

A number of players would have liked to see more from ngmoco:) than the hastily thrown together speedy gift event. I experienced more crashes than with any other event (losing several speedy gifts and one Woodman’s cottage from the gift cart). Many players were tapped out of mojo and ngmoco:) hasn’t offered a mojo sale for the last three events.

This, combined with the paucity of Christmas gifts in the gift cart (I got three in three weeks—even with boosting—and one disappeared with a crash) and the fact that several of the winter items could only be purchased with mojo. Carol barely finished one level of the event (as did many others).

I think I saw a couple of people with Santa statues, but I was cleaned out of mojo as well and for some reason the event didn’t appear on the leader boards. No one could keep track of how many gifts they captured and we have no event winners.

The timing of the event wasn’t ideal since many of us were away on vacation and couldn’t check in as often as we normally do. I didn’t visit several of my realms for several days in a row because of family obligations.

Usually ngmoco:) at least offers a super high returning building every two events, but the teddy bear shop and toy factory didn’t score any points in the record book.

Please, ngmoco:), please give us a rest from the constant barrage of new items and gifts, and please give us a mojo sale quickly. I suspect you will see a sharp decline in purchases if you don’t.