We Rule stops by Minnesota

It’s been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon. Quieter than usual. The developers at ngmoco:) booked a retreat for their staffers to help them recharge for the coming year. They soon realized they would have to switch travel agents because  when they arrived at the Sidetrack tap with all of their luggage and wireless equipment Wally had to explain that what he said to the booking agent was that “the Sidetrack is about as close as you can get to a bed and breakfast in Lake Wobegon,” which is, you have to admit, not at all the same as saying it was a bed and breakfast. 

It isn’t his fault that people make assumptions, he told Evelyn later that evening after they put up folding cots and old army sleeping bags in the cooler. The sleeping bags were the old mummy style sleeping bags that wrapped you like a cocoon to keep you warm as a toasted marshmallow over a campfire and the tourists couldn’t really complain since the cooler was still warmer than it was outside.

This did not prepare Wally for the outrage the next morning when he explained the Sidetrack was wireless, every appliance was run from a single outlet. Zimidar, the team leader, explained that educated people know wireless means computers can download data from the air. Wally shook his head and replied, “Who would a dreamed they’d come up with something like that.”

Of course, Wally and Evelyn knew what wireless meant. They’d been to the Starbucks in St. Cloud many times and seen all those busy people hunched over their laptops. But the booking agent didn’t ask, “do you have wireless?’ She evidently assumed that the patrons at the Sidetrack would want to use their iPads with their beers and bumps. The only ones using iPhones in the Sidetrack were the kids who came in to pester their parents for spending money.

So Wally called Pastor Ingqvist to see if the ngmoco:) team could use the church for their team building exercises, and then the team decided the church was more accommodating than the cooler at the Sidetrack. So they moved everything to the church, where they could pretty much work uninterrupted expect for altar guild and Wednesday prayer meeting. But they still didn’t have wireless which meant the only new items they could get ready for release were the Bridge o’ Love and Outdoor Cafe to celebrate Valentines.

To make it up to players they had a 20 percent off mojo sale over the weekend, which was about time. There hasn’t been one since Thanksgiving even though two events have passed.

When they left on Friday all of the team members agreed Lake Wobegon wasn’t a bad place to visit, the men were certainly good looking (although they would never arm wrestle the women again) and they hoped their own children would be as polite as the local kids. But they agreed that maybe they could try some place other than Minnesota for team building in the future. 

At least not until they upgraded their networks.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. larkybird
    Feb 20, 2012 @ 14:41:49

    So glad you informed us Kingdomers about what the staff had been up to. Great to have a peak now and then! Good job and KNOW big things are coming perhaps even this week!


  2. Judy Jameson
    Feb 20, 2012 @ 16:02:03

    Garrison Keillor you are not.


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