Housing values rising

Milestone reached

I hit one billion experience points this week, something my friends and followers could have seen if we still had an experience point leader board. How does that compare to the top leaders? I have no way of knowing since the leader boards no longer tell us who the top earners are. I would have to bet Zimidar’s still up there with more than three billion points by now. But we don’t know that either since we can’t even see a player’s experience points. Please, ngmoco:), if you don’t want an experience points leaderboard, can’t you at least list our experience points next to our level when people visit. It would be nice to have something to brag about.

After two years I finally racked up my first billion points.
I don’t know whether I fell great or exhausted

Running the residence numbers

A couple of weeks ago I discussed the value of residences over groves and I thought I’d give the topic a closer look. I think many players lean towards groves because they are cheaper to buy, even though residences often deliver hourly. I’m not sure that’s always wise, especially if you’re trying to level up.

In the past I have tended to see residences as a suppliment to groves because ngmoco:) limited the number of any given residence to fifty or fewer. But the most recent series of residences—the persian residence, cupid cottage, fairy tree residences, and recent khmer series seem to allow as many as 196 per realm, as many as groves. The returns on these different cottages vary, but inevitably should you choose to fill a realm with them and harvest hourly (or even every three hours) the experience points accumulate and you can level up far more quickly.

In fact, if you want to level up more quickly I would suggest at least one realm filled with residences. (Obviously you would add residences five or six at a time). Then you can launch the app at every opportunity and cash in on the harvest.

On the other hand, the persian residence offers a higher return than the ruby grove even if you harvest on the same schedule. It is four times as expensive, but you may find it worth your while. Even if you harvest every six hours the payoff in experience is immediate. The residence returns 170 percent more than a ruby grove. If you harvest every hour, the return is 1000 percent in experience. In addition you’re earning more coins at a rate of 110 percent every six hours, 600 percent hourly. In addition, if you harvest hourly you can pay off the persian residence in half the time of a ruby grove.

I ran similar numbers for the fairy tree residence just to see what would happen. The fairy tree residence is more than twice the cost of a ruby grove, and the six hour payout is smaller. But once you check in every three hours to harvest, much less hourly, the rate of return increases.

Item Cost coins xp Paid* Wkly c Wkly xp wkly cp 30 wkly†
ruby grove 8000 100 85 27 2100 1785 3885 116550
persian res 6 hr 30000 110 145 91 2310 3045 5355 160650
persian res hrly 660 870 15 13860 18270 32130 963900
Persian res 3 hr 330 435 30 6930 9135 16065 481950
fairy tree res 6 hr 17000 85 65 67 1785 1365 3150 94500
fairy tree res hrly 510 390 11 10710 8190 18900 567000
fairy tree res 3hr 255 195 22 5355 4095 9450 283500
*Number of days to recoup coins used for purchase
†Production per thirty units installed

If you’re at L50 or higher (especially if you stack) I would definitely go with the persian residences over groves as long as they’re available. You can afford the extra cost and the long range return will help you rack up those points you need to hit the really high levels. Of course, if you stack, you can add both and other residences as well.

In fact, one level filled with hourly items makes even more sense. You can check in every hour if you want to boost your return, but you will still have a huge return if you only check in three hours a day.


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  1. Elizabeth (i.e. eliza4222 on plus+)
    Mar 19, 2012 @ 17:17:24

    Can you do an analysis of the new statues that have come out recently? Persian lion, etc…
    I like to load up on these as they don’t take up as much space. Right now my go to is the sun/moon stones which I like a lot…


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