Springtime in We Rule

But the book still isn’t ready to blossom

I promised readers a book version of the Grimoire last fall. Then all the commas were stripped in an unintended search and replace. Well I intended to do the search and replace, but not on the entire book.

Use the backup, you say? Sadly, by the time we realized the problem we had saved it to the backup copy as well. I usually keep three backups, but I made a number of additional corrections in the process.

No problem, I said to myself, I will just use the document compare feature. That’s when I discovered that Pages doesn’t have a document compare feature, and remember why I used Word before iPads existed.

We got that fixed and sent the book to BookBaby after running the book through three programs to make sure it would load and was eBook compliant. After a week they sent a proof. But it wouldn’t load into iTunes to check in iBooks and the cover didn’t show up in any of the eBook readers I have on my Mac.

The sat on the rejected proof for three weeks and finally got the cover in, but suddenly the paragraph spacing was haywire. We’re talking more space between paragraphs than the length of the paragraph. And when I previewed in iBooks, only the bottom quarter of the cover showed because it wouldn’t scale the graphic correctly.

I loaded the new proof into Sigil, an HTML based epub editor, and discovered that dozens of line breaks had been inserted manually between the chapters.

When I reported this to BookBaby, who evidently never actually looked at the contents of the book, they said the problem was mine but they would gladly fix it for $150 and hour. As if. I told them I would fix the file myself, and they haven’t replied since. Hopefully this bad review will get them off their asses.

When I looked at the proof I discovered Pages used

tags to create chapters and inserted dozens of spurious CSS classes. (I checked with my original and it was definitely Pages doing). Why the ebooks previewed fine before I sent the file to BookBaby and looked like shit by the time they sent it back is difficult to answer. But the

tags and CSS classes were definitely the culprits.

So don’t use Pages to create eBooks even though Apple swears you can. They may be iBooks ebook compliant, but somewhere down the pipeline there’s a risk you’ll be unhappy with the results. In the meantime, I’m reworking the entire book with an HTML editor. Hopefully it will be out by spring.

Spring comes to We Rule

The new floral decorations, such as the fly trap, lilies castle and throne of thorns add some springtime flair to your layouts. They also return decent coins and experience.

The new flower garden items deliver decent values for players at the levels with which they become available (except for the green residences, which don’t perform as well as the Persian and bunny residences). They also add some nice greenery to your buildings if you’re looking for a something to brighten up your layout.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jennifer du Sautoy
    Apr 16, 2012 @ 14:55:07

    I sent my book to create space and got a very good paper proof back.


    • Totalthinker
      Apr 19, 2012 @ 02:27:12

      Book Baby seemed to have a good ebook setup, which is what this will be but I’ll check out create space again for the next one.


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