Second guessed again

This weekend I had the post written earlier because a publisher asked me to referee several articles and get them back asap. The post was built on the premise that ngmoco:) had only introduced three items in three weeks. I had already posted about a “new content” notice with new content where every angle I covered proved to be wrong. Had I 15 minutes posted earlier I would have had mud on my face again.

Not only did ngmoco:) release a new event this week, they released three new blockbuster items. I’ve been saying for a while that players at L65 should save their coins and this week they released a blockbuster shop for l65 and l70. Since both came at the same time players may have missed the new items.

On the other hand, ngmoco:) did nothing to make players want to play the event because they completely hid the reward items. You could see pictures of them, but that was about it. They don’t even show up in the featured menu when you win them anymore. You have to scroll to the very bottom of the build menu where your old inventory items are stored.

They also increased the cost of harvesting the attractor early to 5m. As always I went ahead and played through the first round and the reward for capturing the ogres, cyclops, golems and harpies was a food court.

You have to win each round before you even find out what you’re playing for. In the past they included the rewards in the features menu so you would at least know what they were. The first round award is a food court.

Come on, ngmoco:), surely you can come up with a better reward than a food court. And this food court is a tiny little thing. Hardly seems worth the time to win it. Sure, the payoff is decent, 300+ tcp, which is phenomenal for players at L8. But since the new ghost academy has an even higher return, it’s hardly worth the mojo spent for players at L45 or higher.

Usually the next item is worth double the value of the first level, so the next item should be 600+ hcp. However, you have to collect three of every item, which means that id you spend mojo to capture them you will spend 180m. Play if you want, but wait the game out. You will probably be able to collect all 24 creatures by then without spending mojo.

The food court looks really puny next to other buildings, especially the new solstice and undead temples.

The solstice fortress, however, delivers almost 15000cp in 18 hours (812hcp) which makes it by far the most valuable shop ever. The slayer’s den still delivers more total points (19400) but takes twice as long leaving a much lower hourly return. Vendors will get 10000 total coins for one item for the first time ever.

You should see a lot of solstice fortresses by the end of the week. Between the solstice and undead fortresses (606hcp), the thunderbird lair and dragons layer’s den you should have quite a few shops to help you level up more quickly.

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