Dear ngmoco:): Please extend event

Special post

This week’s event finally paid off for those with the patience to hang with it. The fantasy zoo delivers 14000cp to players, which is the best event total ever. Hourly is about the same as the previous best event reward at 583hcp. The payoff for vendors is 21200cp, which is actually better than the solstice fortress, and a whopping 883 hourly. So if you’re close, play as long as it takes until they remove the event tomorrow morning.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to connect for much of the weekend, and this could be hurting other players’ chances if it is a problem for everybody. As irritating as events can be for players who don’t care or already completed them, I would hope ngmoco:) would extend the event by a couple of days to give players a chance to make up for lost time.

And for any players whose orders expired in my kingdom, all I can say is theya culpa (which is, I admit, a terrible, however irresistible, pun and even worse Latin).

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. naffina
    Jun 05, 2012 @ 09:43:50

    Extended game wish granted! Got my Zoo eventually, bought some mojos with the big discount. Bugs fixed (ponds, bakery, trees vanished and returned). I would say one of the most satisfying event.

    Did somebody saw the mysterious leak “questions marks” chess items? Are they just errors or future items? Looks interesting…actually I bought mojos because of this…


  2. Harvey miller
    Jan 18, 2013 @ 16:28:44

    Since yesterday every time I launch we rule it starts to connect and then just goes away. I’ve stopped the game to let it start over but it still never gets to the screen to let me do anything. I was wondering if this is something unique to my iPhone or if it is a general problem.


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