Surf’s up. If you can find the ocean.

That's right. This week's newest items are for surfing fans. You can install a beach house, surfer's hut and surfer's lounge. My question is: How can there be surfer's lounges when We Rule has no oceans? Think about it. We have rivers and lakes, but you can't surf on them because they don't raise surf.

The lounges also have the distinction of being the best value a customer can find and a terrible value for the players who install them. Most shops earn more for the players who install them than those who order. But these earn less than half. (Players earn 1390hcp, vendors, 630, or less than half). This means that when you order, you are actually taking income away from those players that they could be earning if you ordered from the dragonslayer's den or solstice temple.

Does that mean you shouldn't order from the lounges? Absolutely not. Get the income. But it sure places players at L72 in an awkward position. Should they even bother to install them? I have no answer to that question. If you want to attract more customers (or keep them coming), sure. But if you don't want to spend close to two million coins on a sucker deal, you shouldn't feel guilty about passing.

If ngmoco:) continues to release devalued properties, there is only one possibility. We Rule is going communist. Is there any question that this move is suspicious during an election year? No doubt about it.

Raising Hell to launch

Raising Hell, which has been posted to this site (or at least the first few chapters), has already been sent to Amazon. Unfortunately, we are working out some file formatting problems, so it can't be downloaded yet. (Does this sound familiar?) I will let you know as soon as it becomes available.

These are the new surfer's lounges. They don't come with surfers, or an ocean for them to surf on. And vendors lose money when you order from them. But maybe we'll get some Hawaiian palm tress with coconuts and even a surfboard shop.

Two billion and counting

On March 12 I announced that I had earned a billion points after two years of playing. I earned my next billion in five months. So maybe it’s bragging, but I also want readers to know how quickly all those investments add up.

I’m also earning about 20 million more coins a week than I did a few weeks ago. So if the game get’s frustrating, stick with it. You’ll be surprised how quickly your effort pays off.

There it is, 2 billion experience points. Who would have thought? It took me two years to earn my first billion, five months to earn my second. Seriously, the points really compound on you if you keep at it.

Stacking is officially recognized by ngmoco:)

Okay, they didn’t exactly come out and say it, but they selected s kingdom with extensive stacking to feature on facebook and reward with 1k of mojo (along with four others). While I certainly want to extend my jealous congratulations to all the winners, I found Phrazer’s kingdom to be an illuminating choice.

A little more than a year ago, rumors were rampant that ngmoco:) was threatening to ban players who stacked extensively, and even removed groves from ~king’s and acehound’s kingdoms. I doubt this means they welcome the practice, but I think they learned to live with it graciously.

ngmoco:) featured Phrazer’s kingdom on facebook this week, and awarded 1k mojo as well. I noticed his realm because of the extensive stacking to create the design. It wasn’t took long ago that ngmoco:) was trying to remove it from the game.

Thanks for testing

Seriously. After the last event’s disastrous launch, ngmoco:) wisely held off on the release of new content until they could test it on newly-serviced servers. I don’t know if the new content is an event or a new game feature, but I’m willing to wait for a stable release.

Hawking books

Why would you want to buy the Grimoire ebook when you have this wonderful blog? There are several reasons:

  • It helps me afford mojo so I can process new items and crunch the numbers the day of release. You get the most up-to-date charts.
  • I completely rewrote old posts so that the strategies and info are the most current available.
  • You don’t have to search through old posts to find strategies and tactics. You have one convenient source and everything in one place. I only wish ePub format allowed reference notes.
  • The only book more fun than the grimoire is Raising Hellwhich is soon to be released on iBooks and Kindle.