The Game is On

To all those worried fans out there, the official word from ngmoco:) is that We Rule is not going away any time soon, if ever. But a few elements of the game are being reviewed sometime after Thanksgiving. This may include events (which are meeting with mixed feelings by players), their facebook presence and even future contests.

I didn't ask why, I didn't need to ask. The market is flooded with social network games demanding that players pony up real cash to buy game items. I've watched a number crash and burn, but they keep coming out. In fact, I've had so many social network games that use game center wipe out all of my progress permanently, I don't bother to even experiment with them unless they run from their own network (such a plus+, or OpenFeint). Game developers have to focus their resources to attract the dwindling dollars out there.

Actually, the only social network game I play now is We Rule. If I'm going to spend money, this is the game I spend for. But even I have a limited budget.

Enjoy the events? Then you might want to blow some mojo on the next one to let ngmoco:) know you want to make it worth their while to keep it around. Don't care? Don't play. The company is evaluating community components of the game, and the best way to tell them is to spend (or withhold) money.

So how can you help ngmoco:) decide what to keep and what to ignore? Participate (or not). Participation, or lack of it, is the best feedback a company can receive. If enough players spend even a little money on events, management will most likely decide to keep it. If you like the facebook updates, like them and comment every time they post a new entry. If you like the contests, follow the facebook posts and enter the contest.

Okay, this isn't completely true. Sometimes someone high enough in management gets obsessed over something and all of the wisdom and marketing share in the world won't stop them. But if the door is open, you should let them know. In the meantime, keep playing and inviting new friends to play. The game should survive barring a total meltdown in Congress next years and complete collapse of the economy because a certain party can't compromise at the fiscal cliff.1 And if that happens, we'll all have to hock our devices and stop playing anyway.

1I'm not going to name the party because most readers will have already decided it's the party they won't be voting for in November.back


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. SirCake
    Sep 13, 2012 @ 11:50:56

    You usually get it faster than most so I am surprised that you seem to have totally missed ngmoco’s message.

    There aren’t going to be any more events. There aren’t going to be any more content releases. There will be contests outside of the game, where players can win mojo, but that’s it.

    If you read any other fan pages, you’ll see that many agree that Thangsgiving is about when ngmoco will pull the plug on We Rule. If not that, then they will just stop supporting it, and let the game die on its own.

    It’s sad because this was the game I played more than any other. It’s the game I sank more money into than any other. It is competitive in a way that nobody had to get fragged, and it helped create some great online communities.

    I am sad to see it go. But I think it is going.


  2. Judy Jameson
    Sep 13, 2012 @ 14:36:22

    Goodbye, I play for fun, not to be poked in the eye anymore by your political jabs.
    Almost bought your book.


  3. Johnyboy123456
    Sep 13, 2012 @ 19:06:20

    Good heavens, grow up Ms Jameson. I for one love these posts about We Rule. Glad to hear that the game may hang on for a while longer. Maybe I will make it to level 80 yet!


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