The game is still on

Just to update yesterday’s post:

I have been busy trying to promote the pilot for an animated series of Raising Amazon studios so I have not been looking beyond the surface of the game. My fault (which is American for mea culpa). I looked at the most recent ngmoco:) blog post which has given some players concern, and while it does say new content releases will be slowing down (or going away), it does say ngmoco:) is looking for new ways to encourage player participation (which probably means less expensive).

Yesterday’s post was based on direct correspondence, and ngmoco:) insists the game is not going away, just changing a lot.

Two enhancements to indicate they haven’t abandoned the game are the new unlocked realms to kingdom 2 (southeast and southwest) and drastically reduced mojo prices. The carafe is half what it used to be (9.99) and the flask is down from $5 to $3 and the vintage issue down from $40 to $25. ngmoco:) eliminated the real bulk buys, but buying three vintage bottles still brings 400 more mojo than the old $100 cask.

The new unlocked realms also give you another canvas to build your hell realm for the Raising Hell contest. Remember one player will get a free copy of the Grimoire and at least two more will get copies of Raising Hell.

I am not so naive that I would be completely surprised it the game suddenly disappeared tomorrow, but ngmoco:) has always been up front in the past, so I feel perfectly comfortable playing on and even buying more mojo.

In the meantime, please visit Amazon studios and follow the series. The more response I get (even if unfavorable) the more likely Amazon is to pay attention. And then I can quit promoting it so heavily and get back to my first love, this blog. I will be posting a short promo video later this week.


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  1. carrie sullivan
    Sep 16, 2012 @ 04:24:57

    I would have to disagree with your point about ngmoco being up front. Let’s start with Adventure Bay. Quit without any notice at all. They did better with WC and WF. For the past few months, loyal players have nudged, pleaded, begged, and any other words found in a Thesaurus for them to do their job, or at least tell us something concrete. I thank the company for the pleasure of playing WR for the past couple of years. I know things have to end, but the way they ignored their customers questions and complaints were abysmal. Whether it ends or not is a moot point with me (and I am sure a few others) for I am done with them.


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