Save our servers

For all my assurances that I believe ngmoco:) intends to carry on with We Rule, I still realize that the game can die simply from developer neglect. If developers quit introducing new items or wrinkles, players are going to loose interest and quickly.

This is similar to the mistake TV producers make when they start moving shows around to new nights and odd hours. They may convince themselves they are attracting new viewers, but the truth is viewers don't want to follow and the shows they move into their new time slots often do even worse.

ngmoco:) developers say their servers can no longer support new game elements, and this may be true. I accept part of the blame, overloading the servers with hundreds of stacked items. But they are so cool. And I didn't have to stack the new bird residences to add more than a thousand to a single realm. The developers did that on their own.

Are there ways to free up the servers to allow new elements into the game? Yes, although they may be painful.

First, ngmoco:) can email all players who have been inactive for more than six months and tell them their kingdoms will go away to make room for new players and items. Players who have really given up on the game can start playing again. If they don't start playing in a month, remove them from the servers.

Some players won't get the notice because they used bogus emails. Oh well. Players who have multiple kingdoms and no longer use them, will probably be willing to give them up to keep playing their main kingdom.

Next ngmoco:) can limit the number of any single item that can stay in inventory. I think 50 groves and residences, and 1o of any shop would be a start. ngmoco:) could also rotate more buildings out of service. It shouldn't be hard to run a query to find out which items have lost their luster to players. They should keep the original items because they are so easy to earn coins to buy, and the best producers.

But does anyone still want the cheese shop, or romantic bistro or bookstore? Probably not too many, and the ones that do can inventory three or four. First on my list, the shops that don't have cute characters but have mediocre performance: the pie shop, the chimney sweep, the roller coaster, gatehouses, venetian palazzo, chick chalet, corn maze, alpine lodge, bridal boutique, pelt shop, millenary, tea house and Rapunzel's tower.

Just for starters.

Do I want to see most of my inventory go or the remote kingdom I use to test new shops? No. But I would do it in a heart beat if it would help keep the game continuing.

ngmoco:) may not intend to kill the game, but sitting on your hands and hoping players will still love you is no solution either.

No contest

There was only one entrant in my hell kingdom contest and that was me, and I already have copies of the prizes. It dawned on me that it may be too close to Halloween and players may have been waiting for ngmoco:) to announce a contest too. So in case anyone would still like to try their hand, send me a screen shot of any halloween or hell kingdom and.

This is my hell kingdom complete with characters being developed for the show “Raising Hell,” being proposed at Amazon Studios. So far readers have a choice of being visited by Lucifer, Pilgrim, the male or female manifestation of Mephistopheles, and Mrs. Sternmother (the worst boss ever, after Lucifer himself).

One reader will win a free copy of the Grimoire, at least two more will get free copies of Raising Hell, and I will feature the ones I like. So it no longer has to be a hell kingdom, any Halloween theme will do.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. SirCake
    Oct 05, 2012 @ 11:47:52

    How many more things will ngmoco do to revive We Rule? If I may borrow from Nigel Tufnel, the answer is none. They will do none more things.

    If you need proof that they have officially abandoned the game, but are just raking in the last few shekels before the end, just ask for tech support. If you get an answer at all, which isn’t likely, you will get a message that since the game is no longer in development, support is no longer being offered.

    None of the thrilling contests they promised have materialized (although there was a rumor that they gave away 2,000 mojo on their Facebook page – I didn’t see it), and it’s been more than a month since they announced this “new direction”.

    That direction, by the way, is downhill.



  2. kooosh
    Oct 10, 2012 @ 22:41:02

    Just checking back one last time to thank you for your blog. It’s always been very helpful.

    I’ve decided to give up the game. It’s just longer worth the effort. After two years, I’m at level 77 and it’s taking over a month to jump to the next. Thankfully I never spent a dime on the game.

    Thanks again and take care.


  3. Jennifer du Sautoy
    Oct 21, 2012 @ 16:47:26

    There were so many things that they could have done. I would have loved a railway with some interesting historic steam engines, but not crude oversize or jokey like in We Farm. I would be heart- broken if this were to stop. The artwork has been first class and the complexity of the worlds you can build up…I would never have believed it if I had not played. It should be preserved for all time in my view.


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