Farewell, We Rule

The naysayers were right, and, to be honest, I was planning on posting the probability today anyway. I had been waiting for new “community output” promised after Thanksgiving and seen none.

Truthfully, I reached 3 billion points and realized the only reason I was playing was to fill orders.

ngmoco:) announced today that they will stop the game entirely on March 31, they will stop downloading next Friday from app stores and they are disabling in-app purchases.

My book will still be on sale for those desperate to get to L80 before the shut down entirely. And I will continue to fill orders in my main realm.

For those of you who still have a love for the game, I suggest you create the designs you always wanted before it shuts down entirely. Screen shot them and send them to me at wrgrimore@gmail.com with your real name and I will post them before the game shuts down.

After all, people won't be able to see your kingdom after March 31.

Stupid marketing moves

I think it's time for companies to realize they are shooting themselves in the foot. If they keep accelerating the pace of in-app purchases and then shutting down games, people will stop playing altogether. I, for one, no longer even bother to download if I see anything resembling game bucks listed as an “in-app” purchase.