Characters and Creatures

  Level Male Female Creature
Alchemist’s Lab 22 Alchemist    
Apothecary 31 Chemist    
Arboretum 32 Arborist    
Archery 22 Archer    
Athena’s Temple 36   Athena
Bakery 12   Mrs. Pillsbury
Barn 10     Brown Cow
Bath House 21 Greek Wrestler    
Beanstalk Castle 58 Giant    
Beehive 12      
Blacksmith 14 Sword Smith    
Book Store 19   Buxom Librarian  
Bridal Boutique 40   Bride-to-be  
Butcher 13 Butcher    
Butterfly Garden 16     Butterfly Swarm
Broomstick Boutique 22 Scarecrow    
Candle Shop 17 Wax Maker    
Candy Cottage 22 Witch    
Cartographer 32 Mapmaker    
Cave of Treasures 52     Genie
Cemetery 9     Bats
Chariot of War 16 Charioteer    
Cheese Shop 21   Milk Maid  
Chimera’s Temple 40 Warrior Monk   Chimera
Chinese Monastery 42      
Cleopatra’s Palace 20   Cleopatra  
Clock Tower 22 Clockmaker    
Cobbler 14 Cobbler    
Dark Castle     Sorceress  
Demon Cavern 30     Demon
Dragon 20     Blue Dragon
Dragon Boat        
Dragon Hatchery 41   Nursemaid Baby Dragon
Dragon Temple 41     Chinese Dragon
Dreidel Shop   Toy Maker    
Druid’s Library     Druid priestess  
Dwarve’s Cottage 13 Dwarf    
Dwarve’s Mine 37 Dwarf miner    
Edinburgh Castle 41 Scots Chieftan    
Elvin Castle 21   Elvin Queen  
Elvin Temple 37   Elvin Priestess  
Elvin Woods 31 Elf    
Fairy House 12 Fairy    
Falconry 24   Falconress  
Ferry of the Dead 16     Cerberus
Fish Market 29   Dowager  
Flower Meadow   Gnome    
Flying Machine 37   Aviatrix  
Fortune Teller 23   Fortune Teller  
Gargoyle Statuary 15     Baby Gargoyle
Geisha House 31   Geisha  
Ghostly Guillotine 47     Ghost
Giant Spider’s Web       Giant Spider
Gingerbread House 17     Gingerbread Cookie
Gladiators’ Arena 37 Gladiator    
Goblin Bakery 10 Goblin Villager    
Goblin Butcher Shop 13 Goblin Butcher    
Goblin King Temple 47 Goblin King    
Goblin Ranger Stn 33   Goblin Ranger  
Goblin Shaman Hut 30 Goblin Shaman    
Grandma’s House 12   Red Riding Hood  
Griffin Nest 19     Baby Griffin
Guild Hall 10 Knight    
Hall Of Justice 26 Judge    
Haunted Hollow 18     Headless Horseman
Haunted House 14   Ghost Girl  
Hercules’ Temple 45 Hercules    
Hippogriff Lair       Hippogriff
Ice Castle 10   Princess  
Ice Pond 13 Caroler Caroler  
Inn 16   Bar Wench  
Inventors’s Studio 45 Inventor    
Jaguar Temple 56   Mayan Woman  
Jewelry Store 17   Fiance  
Jousting Arena 25 Jousting Knight    
Knights’ Round Table 43 King Arthur    
Lumberyard 8 Hooded Woodman    
Mad Hatter 38 Mad Hatter    
Magic Emporium 18   Flying Witch  
Medusa’s Den 24   Medusa  
Merlin’s Keep 29 Merlin    
Milliner 28   Well-Dressed Woman  
Mine 5   Prospector  
Minotaur’s Labyrinth 60     Minotaur
Morganna’s Keep 39   Morganna La Fey  
Observatory 26   Astrologer  
Nautilus Sea Mine 22 Merminer    
Nutcracker Shoppe 8     Nutcracker
Octopus Hag Lair 45   Octopus Hag  
Olympus 30 Zeus    
Orc Stronghold 51     Orc
Painter’s Studio 36 Painter    
Pegasus Springs       Pegasus
Pelt Shoppe   Trapper    
Peppermint Cottage 19     Elf
Phoenix 25     Phoenix
Pirate Harbor 29   Adventuress  
Pirate Port   Tribal Warrior    
Pirate Ship 33 Buccaneer    
Pond* 5     Frog Prince
Poseidon’s Den 18 Poseidon    
Princess’ Garden 18   Princess  
Prison 18 Executioner    
Puss ‘n Boots 27     Puss
Red Dragon 35     Red Dragon
Romantic Bistro 9 Waiter    
St. Basil’s Cathedral 49   Russian Maiden  
Starfish Conserv. 34 Merman with spear    
School 7 Boy With Slingshot Running Girl  
Serpent’s Lair 27      
Shipyard 23 Dockworker    
Sphinx       Anubis
Spice Market 21 Hindu Merchant    
Stables 14     Horse
Stone Serpent Vault       Basilisk
Sugar Plum House 23     Sugar Plum Fairy
Swiss Chalet 29     Saint Bernard
Tailor 6   Seamstress In Pink  
Tavern 16 Drunk    
Theater 28 Thespian    
Thieve’s Den 36 Thief    
Tower of Light 10   Glowing Girl  
Toymaker’s Shoppe 11 Toymaker    
Training Ground 35 Lancelot    
Troll Bridge 14     Harvey the Pooka Troll
Unicorn Meadow 21     Unicorn
University 30 Clarence Thomas Faux    
Valhalla 54   Freya  
Versailles 48   Marie Antionette  
Viking Forge   Thor    
Viking Ship 20 Viking Warrior    
Vintage Chateau 34   Vintner (Vintntress?)  
Voodoo Hut   Houngan    
Watchtower 15 Watchman    
Windmill 9     Dappled Cow
Witch’s Cauldron       Black Cat
Wizard’s Tower 11 Wizard    
Yeti’s Lair 25     Yeti

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