Last Update: Crimson Dragon Unlocked

I managed to unlock the crimson dragon this evening. It will be the most valuable item in your kingdom on an hourly return basis (240cp per hour for customers, 317 for vendors). This is gratifying if only because ngmoco:) now accepts hourly return as the standard for value (a point disputed by many).

I say this because it is only the second most valuable shop for total points behind the minotaur’s labyrinth (7250 and 9525).

The crimson dragon’s lair has the highest hourly return of any shop to date. Whether or not it’s worth the effort (and expense) is entirely up to you.

I also confirmed that you can catch the minor dragons with a free net without using mojo (for those of you who still need to catch one).

The real question is whether or not you want to pursue the quest. I would say “yes” if you don’t mind spending 120 mojo for:

  • Something no one else will be able to have after Thursday—at least until ngmoco:) changes their minds and introduces it as a boosted gift (which they may well do).
  • One shop which will produce a return slightly higher than the minotaur.

If you’re at a lower level and you don’t mind blowing twenty dollars for a crimson dragon, I might say to do it. If you can attract customers. But if you can (or soon will be able to) score the minotaur’s labyrinth you might prefer to buy them with coins.

See you in a couple of weeks. Unless they launch a wizard hunt Thursday.

Special Dragon Hunt Edition

The We Rule special event is a dragon hunt, not just any dragon hunt but one for six different dragons. You have to plant dragon orchids, lure the dragons and catch them within four hours.

Once you catch six dragons you earn the crystal lair. Catch six more, you earn the crimson lair. But it’s not just any six dragons, you have to catch one (or two) of each of the purple, orange, green, emerald, ruby and crystal dragons.

You get two nets, a free one that may or may not catch dragons (odds are, based on twelve tries and two catches, it won’t) and a magic net that costs 1o mojo (per dragon) that does. In the end, expect to spend about $20+ worth of mojo to complete the quest.

If you want to try the free net, try it on the purple dragons first they seem to be more easily caught than the others. And the more dragons you catch and send to others the more you seem to get in return, which can up your chances. If you don’t want to spend mojo on dragon catching, try to catch as many as you can with the free net now, and wait until the last couple of days for the dragons you don’t catch.

The odds of your actually catching a dragon with the free net are pretty slim, which is why they can charge such a steep premium for the magic net (which you can use once and once only).

If, however, you want to shoot for the crimson lair you need to capture six dragons twice, so I wouldn’t wait. ngmoco:) claims the crimson lair will be the most valuable building ever, (and it probably will be for another three or four weeks. But based on my experience with the game, there will be a building with a higher yield around Thanksgiving if not earlier. The life of highest yield buildings seems to be two to three months.

Expect to see the first building that costs a million+ coins to appear sometime before Christmas.

Don’t forget. I’m still on sabbatical to work on the ebook version of the Grimoire until mid September. In the meantime, check out the new Gifts and Goals chart.