Can elementals be contained in an iPad?

The elemental event ended this week and the winner was mellowy7 with 3518 elementals captured.

Wow. Did he/she sleep?

Zimidar was in second place, but he’s the perpetual leader board guy. Look on any leader board and he should be there somewhere. If ngmoco:) were to create an endurance leader board he would have to be the all time leader ever and ever amen.

Mellowy7 won the elemental event by collecting 3500 elementals. That is a lot of elementals for a supposedly mellowy player. How can he contain them? His iPad must be shaking like New York City in Ghostbusters with all the elementals trying to break free. Fortunately, there is no elemental Zool to release them.
We hope.

I kept playing to send elementals to other players who might need them, but I didn’t work that hard. But I only came up with 91. Then again, I really played to get the numbers so players could know what the rewards might be.

Without question, ngmoco:) did a good job with this event. Even the toughest elementals could be caught without mojo on the last day which should have made it easier for anyone to finish if they wanted. I caught four fire elementals, three lightning and wind elementals and two composite elementals on Wednesday, and I didn’t spend any mojo. And I stopped planting lures to attract them.

For poorer players this should send the message that if they hang on long enough they should be able to win without spending a lot on mojo. Hopefully this will continue into the next events as well.

The gift cart returned with no real changes that I can see. I noticed that gifts from ngmoco:) no longer boost themselves for you; you at least have to click the boost button again.

It was a first that ngmoco:) released more gifts than ordinary buildings this week. They released three boosted and one regular gift, one cash purchase item (the Eiffel Tower) and one building (Versailles). The theme would seem to have been the French Revolution except for the fact that the Tower was built a hundred years later.

I guess now is as good a time to depose the king and queen as any. I just wonder if we’ll see a guillotine to execute the We Rule monkey king and his consort. Now that would be entertainment.

Elemental event winding down

The elemental event ends Wednesday morning, and based on the comments players are far happier with this implementation than they were with the flutterflies near debacle. There have been far fewer crashes, and, in case you missed ngmoco:)’s notice when the game launched, turning off mojo confirmation will make the game even more stable.

Both rewards offer enormous payouts and the game seems to play essentially like the previous two. The most common elementals (in this case, the imps) are relatively easy to catch, with the mud being easiest and the fire imp less so.

As a rule of thumb, in all of these events the top left creature is the easiest to catch and the creatures become increasingly more difficult as you move to the right and down. The rarest three creatures are almost always impossible to catch.

I managed to catch all 27 creatures the first evening by harvesting spells with mojo and making sure I caught every one the first time. But that was to run the numbers. Nonetheless, it was far easier this time than in the last two events.

These are the creatures and number of creatures you must catch in the second round to win the elemental forge. The stakes are higher than with past events because you have to catch more of the rarest creatures.

So I would recommend with these games that if you definitely want the reward, spend the mojo on the three most difficult catches (in this case, since you have to catch the three rarest elementals four times each, that’s 120m). But with all of these events, you should be able to catch most items over the course of the week without spending mojo.

Making it to the top 100 in catches will definitely require mojo.

As the deadline looms on Tuesday, however, I would decide how badly you want to play. If you’re determined to succeed, cast spells and spend mojo to mature them as often as possible. Don’t worry about catching creatures after you’ve bagged your limit. Grab at them, and if you miss, move on.

Free orb harvests

ngmoco:) is assuring players that using the orb is permanently free, for now. The “for now” part, of course, means they’re hedging their bets. They are considering capping orb use, and charging a coins penalty for exceeding it. So use it guilt free for now, and don’t worry about what they might do.

Two enhancement requests

While I would never want new enhancements at the expense of processing power and stability, I have stumbled across two enhancements that might make the game more enjoyable.

  • Magic grapes. Okay, I’ve asked for these before. How hard would it be to give players a magic crop that harvests on the same schedule as groves? Especially if developers may cap orb use in the future.
  • Quicker planting I would love the ability to plant the same crop without going back to the crop menu. I’ve seen this in other games, and it would be really helpful for players with magic plots in every realm.

Currently you have to open the crop menu every time you plant a new crop, even thought the game remembers the last crop planted. Why not let players select one crop, and then plant the same crop by touching each plot in turn? If players want to change crops they can simply wait a few seconds before planting again.

I just finished playing Cityville Home Town to review for iPad Envy and one of the few things I like is the ability to select a crop once and then tap on each plot where I want to plant it.

If it means more crashes, however, I’m good.

Special edition: elementals unleashed

As many of us expected, the newest event arrived this evening, with imps and elementals and various other creatures. I also suspect this event inspired the free mojo on the harvest orb because you should be prepared to spend a lot on this quest, especially when you’re down to the crunch next week.

This time the quest is worth it. The creatures and buildings are gorgeous.

But the rewards are worth it. Bothe levels of the challenge deliver the two highest paying buildings so far, and the artists did a hell of a job with these because both will look good wherever you put them (unlike the flutterflies’ temples which I removed as soon as I got the numbers).

The obelisk delivers 13140cp over 32 hours (411hcp) and the Obelisk delivers 15930 (498chp).

The creatures are kind of cool too, especially the flaming elementals. ngmoco:) also seems to have worked out a lot of bugs because I have experienced no crashes. Here’s how the event works:

The are nine creatures, includinng

  • Mud Imp
  • Fire imp
  • Water Imp
  • Earth Elemental
  • Fire Elemental
  • Water Elemental
  • Wind Elemental
  • Lightning Elemental
  • Composite Elemental

In the first round you need to catch one of each, but the second round is a lot tougher. You will need to catch three of each imp, and two of the mid-level elementals. (That’s 180 mojo if you use the guaranteed catch on each one.)

You will need two different spells to summon imps and elementals. The imp call takes an hour and the elemental spell takes four. You can speed them both up with mojo. Each spell calls one creature. You will receive more from other players.

The obelisk is the easiest to catch and still offers a better payoff than any building, allowing even players who finish one level to get a solid reward.

Since you have all week, you may want to try to catch the earth, fire and water elements for free, but catching the top three elementals will be tough. With enough mojo you can catch them all in a couple of hours.

The forge and composite elemental are pretty cool, and the forge pays off just under 500cp hourly. It doesn’t get much better.

If you’re just in it for the return, three thunderbirds will cost just as much mojo and you will get a higher return because you’re turning over three shops instead of one.

Good luck.