Trolling for monsters

As many of us expected the latest event arrived in time for Halloween, and ngmoco:) still seems to be tweaking the formula. Some players are getting tired of this twice monthly formula but I suspect it’s proving popular or we wouldn’t be seeing so damn many of them.

The good news is players should be able to earn the Frankenstein’s lab and mummy’s tomb without spending mojo (or at least more than a handful). I was able to capture everything the first night in a couple of hours. (I did spend mojo to speed harvest and capture the rarer creatures so I could run the numbers).

Based on what I saw the zombies seem to show up with the same frequency. The wolfman is as common as dirt and I would never spend mojo to capture him. The swamp beast is more difficult and the nosfersatu is as rare as Frankenstein’s monster and his bride. The mummy seems to appear slightly less often than the swamp beast.

This are projections based on a hundred or more plantings. They will not necessarily reflect your experience.

The numbers are in

The mummy’s tomb has the highest overall return of any building with almost 1800ocp, or almost 5000 more than the thunderbird lair. It also provides the highest coin return with just under 9000. Hourly return is less lucrative. The tomb comes in fifth with just under 360hcp (and a 50 hour turn around).

If you want a quicker return, Frankenstein’s lab returns 464hcp in 16 hours (2nd behind the elemental forge).

You can find mine in my Halloween display for the second north kingdom. I thought about putting them in the main kingdom, but it is Halloween. Players should at least look for them.

My event rewards are in my second north kingdom which will be my Halloween display. If you can’t get to them, don’t worry I added plenty of new thunderbird lairs in my main realm.

Halloween event for Frankenstein’s lab

  • Zombies: Lumbering, shuffling and shambling—5m to capture,
  • Wolfman (common), Swamp Beast, Nosferatu (rare)—7m to capture,
  • Mummy (common), Frankenstein’s monster and his Bride—10m to capture.

Mastery event for mummy’s tomb

  • 3 of each zombie
  • 2 each of wolfman, swamp beast and nosferatu
  • 1 each of mummy, Frankenstein’s monster and his bride

The nosferatu is almost as difficult to capture as Frankenstein’s monster and his bride. This shouldn’t be a surprise since vampires hate coming into the light of day.

You have to reach L8 to participate but since it takes all of an afternoon to reach it, this shouldn’t be difficult.

If you don’t want to participate in the event, don’t plant the lure. Other players will still send you a few but the numbers should be low enough to keep you from going nuts.