Special Event Sunday Update

I was hoping to have the numbers for the Grand Azure Temple by now, and I would have except….

I spent 10 mojo to use the mojo net to capture the last opal flutterfly, captured it and nothing happened. I didn’t get credit for the capture, didn’t get the grand azure temple and then, when I checked the goals list again the entire game crashed an I had to hard reboot twice to het the game to launch this time.

Then it crashed again and I had to hard reboot a third time.

I can tell you this: the six flutterflies are (from most common to most rare) garnet, azure, jade, citrine, topaz and opal. Since the three reboot crash I’ve seen at least one of every color except, of course, for opal.

After I missed the first seven the azure butterflies became easier to catch so I’m about 4 for 15.

You can catch the jade butterflies without the mojo net as well. (I’m 2 for 7).

I’m not promising you will catch them, but if you want to avoid mojo it might be worth trying.

I also figured out what made the new flutterflies so cute and appealing (as opposed to the ominous ones in the original art work). The artist really added the mascara and eye lash lengthener.

Look at those eyelashes. How can you resist this lovable creature? Isn’t he/she/it the cutest thing you ever saw?

In the meantime, cross your fingers, keep catching and I’ll let you know as soon as possible how many flutterflies you’ll need to catch for the third round.