Final Harvest Update

The building sale ends today, the harvest event ends Thursday morning. This will give you plenty of time to catch all of the trophies you need.I don’t know what’s going on with the statues. I’ve caught a dozen of the ruthless dinner rolls, ten pies and cranberries and still no dinner roll or cranberry statues. All of the statues deliver 2500 coins and experience every ten hours no matter how rare the item. But I can only verify that there are actually four statues, contrary to my earlier assumptions. But if people keep sending them, keep catching them. Maybe I’m wrong and you’ll unlock different statues.

Plenty of themes

The good news is that you have plenty of holiday theme material to play with. Based on last years Christmas releases you should see a lot of new holiday items and there’s a good chance they’ll rerelease the items from last year (which should be affordable to players at lower levels). Let’s see what you can do with your realms. We had some great ones last year and I’m betting we’ll see even more fantastic realms this holiday.


Loading new content: Statues work now

The harvest event, which had originally been set to end on 12/1, and then shortened by two days, has been extended to 12/1 again. We got the Black Friday sale I requested but only 25 percent off on buildings, and no mojo sales. Next year I will ask that the Black Friday sale include every thing for free and maybe we’ll get the 50 percent sale.We definitely need another mojo sale though because players’ coffers have been decimated by the last two events and all the high profile buildings.

Oops. Retraction time. Statues produce.

Contrary to my report Tuesday night, the harvest statues do produce idle income and you can earn a statue for every item by cooking ten of that dish. Once I earned the yam statue, I saw a banner above my corn statue that said it was initializing. Suddenly the statue earned 2500c and xp every 10 hours. I just earned my mash potato statue (I refuse to use mojo to capture) so I won’t know until late tonight if the rarer items have higher returns than the common items.The yam statue delivers idle income as well, so I’m going to go out on a limb to predict that all nine statues will produce at least 500hcp. I can only think of two explanations. Either I had to earn a second statue to start generating income from the first, or (and this is more likely) the statues didn’t produce until the developers fixed the items after I posted my report. In case you wondered why you keep seeing the message “loading new content” but no new items, I suspect it’s because the developers are fixing the bugs in individual items.

Contrary to my earlier report the harvest statues suddenly started producing yesterday. I’m waiting to collect one of each category to tell you if the return improves with the rarity of the delinquent dish. But the return is hefty; at least 500hcp over 10 hours.

Oh, wait. I just thought of a third explanation. My statues waited until Thanksgiving to start earning.I would have posted all this yesterday, but it was Thanksgiving for goodness sake. And the Texas/Aggie game was too exciting to ignore to post the numbers. Sorry for that last second field goal, Aggies. Oh, wait, I’m not. 1So….

Ignore my previous advice. Earn the statues.

I’m not advising you to capture them with magic pots and mojo, but even if all statues produce the same you will be able to add 4500hcp to your kingdom just by earning the statues. And, yes, even though there are only three goals with harvest statues, there are nine statues.

1For those of you who haven’t kept up with Texas football politics, which is most of you, UT asked A&M to help them develop a media sports network. Then, when it was ready to launch, UT decided to keep it for themselves and launch “The Longhorn Network,” which only a few hundred people in Austin can access with their dish accounts. A&M’s athletic director decided this was the last straw and followed Nebraska out of the Big 12.
Unlike Nebraska, however, who went to the Big 10 where they actually have a chance of winning, A&M went to the SEC where they will have to tackle teams who have won every national title in the last…well, forever. This explains why every restaurant in Tuscaloosa now includes “Aggies” among the appetizers on their menus. It would be like We Farm leaving ngmoco:) and joining a league with Trade and Battle Nations.
At least this is how I recall the story developing in the news. I’m sure the Texas and A&M officials will deny everything in this footnote.back