Comparing idle income

What’s up with Egypt? I know their president is in deep caca right now, but is that any excuse to get rid of the Egypt content that’s only been out a week? That’s pretty quick, even for ngmoco:).

It’s not like any of the content was politically sensitive. No references to Moslems or Coptic Christians. It seems pretty tame to me.

Nor were they clear about which content they’re removing today. Is it just the Cleopatra’s palace and Pharaoh’s temple or is it all of the new content? Even though I’m not doing anything with it now, I bought lots of palm trees, oases and sand. Then I decided to keep the oases for now because they do make money.

I had planned to convert my east kingdom to something Mediterranean but I wanted the weather to warm up a little. So I bought stuff just for storage until then. Which is probably what they’re counting on.

These are the new oases. They deliver a high number of coins and xp per hour. Or do they? We’ll consider that below.

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In the past I’ve said they need sand tiles. Cool that we got them. Maybe in the fall we’ll get fallen leaf tiles and autumn colored trees like the maples in We City.

New levels to come?

I am so pleased that ngmoco:) has added 20 additional levels with buildings to We Rule since I started playing. The black dragon at L50 will allow them to add more high level buildings in the void between L40 and L50.

In the meantime, I find myself thinking ahead to L60. We have a purple, red and black dragon. Now we need a fire breathing dragon. It can’t be that hard. The comic characters in We City control their flights with bursts of fire.

What would be really cool would be a building that bursts into flames when the fire breathing dragon flies over.

We’ve discussed churches or cathedrals in the past, and I also think a gothic cathedral would be a great addition to the game, as tall if not taller then the three castles. It could have a vat of boiling lead on top that tips over and spills every once in a while. Quasimodo could be the character.

And while we’re at it, why does We City get Stonehenge when We Rule doesn’t? I think we should get Stonehenge and maybe even Avebury and The Ring of Brodgar, complete with a sacrificial altar, druids and forest gods. Hell, let’s bring in Asgard and the ring cycle and add Gladsheim, Vingólf and the Well of Urd. Toss in some Valkyries and we’re good to go.

In fact, as long as we’re doing Egypt, let’s add Lake Victoria and the Nile. Let’s do the Mayan and Aztec monuments as well. Then we can change the game’s name to We World Geography. We could then add Angkor Wat and Angkor Tom. And the Parthenon and Coliseum, not to mention a Labyrinth with a minotaur. How about grape groves with a dancing Dionysus?

Please, however, please please, no aliens or space ships. Or cartoon superheroes. We could use a sea monster for the lakes, as that would be far more appropriate to We Rule than We City, but no aliens, space ships or superheroes.

There are still so many real medieval items left that ngmoco:) really doesn’t need to stray off theme. In addition to the cathedral, how about:

  • A round table with a knight?
  • A goblin’s cave?
  • Now that I think of it, Asgard items are a lot closer to a medieval motif than some of the other stuff (especially since we have Vikings). Let’s have those. (So are the henges. We really could add two or three of those.)
  • A gallows?
  • A wood-block press shop to print broadsheets?
  • A monastery with monks?
  • A convent with nuns?
  • The tower of the Holy Grail?
  • An ogre’s lair? Disney can sue you for using Shrek but not generic ogres.
  • A brothel?
  • Shrines with relics?
  • A dungeon?
  • A torture chamber?
  • A haunted forest?
  • Sherwood forest tree with Robin Hood?
  • Pixie Hollows with real fairies this time?

Oh, yes, and finally: Wouldn’t it be great if ngmoco:) added inventory capabilities to all of their games? And more islands to Adventure Bay?

Idle income

The oases are the newest addition to the idle income producing products, joining the groves, founts and troll bridges. The founts and bridges are buildings technically, but they really don’t return enough to customers to make them worth ordering.

(I’m stressing the last bit because people still keep ordering my trolls when I have black dragons, Olympus mounts, chimeras and chateaus in other realms. This puzzles me. Players are free to order anything in my kingdom, and I am loath to be like the salesmen who steer customers to higher end products, but in this case the higher end products are worth more. Not only that, they cost players nothing—unlike Trade Nations where players have to pay for their purchases.)

So I thought I’d crunch the numbers to see which of the idle-income properties are most valuable. I’m including space taken into account because if a property returns four times as much income but takes up five times as much space, you might want to go with the smaller items.

Compare the grove and oases areas. Both are stacked, but a lot more groves can be stacked into the same area.

Click image to see full size
Item Cost Lvl Hrs c c/Hr Xp Xp/Hr Space
Orange 3000 15 6 5 0.8 50 8.3 1
Ruby 10000 23 6 100 16.7 85 14.2 1
Diamond 100000 27 6 150 25.0 105 17.5 1
Oasis* 100000 0 12 320 26.7 515 42.9 4
Sleigh† 7000 4 1 0.3 100 25.0
Fount 90000 18 6 125 20.8 240 40.0 1
Troll Bridge 70000 14 8 15 1.8 175 21.8 .5

It’s hard to say which of the income generating properties make the most sense. On an hourly basis the oasis outperforms the ruby grove three to one in experience and slightly more than 50 percent better in coins. It outperforms the diamond by 2.5 times in xp and only has a slight advantage in coins. The oasis ouperforms thefount by 25 percent in coins and only a fraction in experience.

Here’s where other considerations come into play.

You can fit approximatley four founts or groves into the space of one oasis The numbers will even out the more you plant.. When I try to stack them, I can fit even more groves into the same space and slighly fewer founts. The founts are slightly cheaper and the ruby groves cost ten percent as much (10000 v 100000c).

For high level players, with coins to burn, I would say it’s pretty much a wash. Make use of them all. But if you’re building your kingdom and pushing to reach L30 (and even 40), go with the rubies. The combined cost reduction and return for space make them a far better bargain. Drop an oasis in if you want the decoration (the first one’s free for finishing the quest), You will actually get a higher return in approximately the same space for about 40 percent of the cost.

This assumes, of course, that ngmoco:) doesn’t discontinue the Egypt quest as well.

Big announcement tomorrow

Actually, I have a couple of announcements tomorrow, including a project I’m doing with the help of Acehound. I’m calling it the February project (that’s the code name) for reasons you’ll see then.

*First oasis free with quest.

Contact me at Email iPad Envy, or
Email The Hidden Grimoire.

Idle Income

Update 11/14/2010: I have revised my opinion on the ponds and there have been new additions of note. Please refer to the rent analysis page.

It was a mixed week for me in We Rule. I hit 400 on the leader board, if only for 30 minutes. On the other hand, I realized that even with 18 million experience points, I had fallen to more than 70 million behind the new leader aeroship (Steven Tyler’s going to be so pissed the guy can’t even spell the band’s name correctly).

When I first started playing in June, with 0 experience points, I was only 14 million behind the leader Zimidar. It seems a little disheartening to realize I have more points than the leader only to fall five times as many behind.

Boy, can that guy stack. It takes longer to load a realm than it takes to load my kingdom.

Even if you disapprove, this is an awesome accomplishment.
He must take more than an hour to harvest each realm.

It’s even more exciting to know that after the build up to the “major upgrade,” we got three more shops. Is there egg over my face or what?

Of course, the beauty of prediction is that sooner or later there will be something I can call a major upgrade, so even if none of the possibilities I covered in the column shows up I can still claim I was right.

Oh, wait. Three new shops in the same week. That’s never happened before. So I can claim that there was a major upgrade. And we got a 25 percent discount on new realms, so many players had an opportunity to do a “major upgrade” of their kingdoms. So I was right after all.

The real upgrade happened in We Farm, however. All of our farms finally received a geographic location. They are now officially in Roswell, New Mexico. It ngmoco:) broadcast in the TV world we could all say it has now officially jumped the shark with crop circles, UFOs and little green jumping men.

Of course they ran out of farm things to add. And all of the white trash stuff was really demeaning to farmers. I have cousins who are farmers and they don’t have pickup trucks on blocks or bait shops in the back yard. I’m surprised they haven’t added outhouses with TV antennas on the roof.

But how far can they take the alien thing? Are we going to have alien/redneck inbreeding? Little green rug rats with overalls and chewing tobacco?

Maybe they will add little EBE breeding pens when they discontinue the kangaroos. Or maybe it will be nests, since we don’t really know anything about alien gestation.

What happens when they add L40? Will our yellow country manor turn into Area 51? Will Mulder and Scully appear as characters when they add an FBI surveillance van?

Or are they working up to a spin off game WE ET? After all, now that they’ve given us We City we no longer need verbs in the title. All I really know is that we’re rapidly reaching the point in We Farm where we have more buildings than the number of customers allowed, and when that happens we want the empty buildings to raise as much money as possible while they sit idle.

This has been an issue in We Rule for a long time, especially for those of us who don’t want to stack multiple realms with nothing but ruby groves. You can add buildings to enhance the look of your kingdom, for the cool characters, or to generate additional revenue and experience. Sadly, very few routinely generate high experience points, so let’s focus on income generation.

Idle income

Should you buy buildings based on their rent return? Quite frankly, at the early stages of the game you should. Once you reach L20 and you add your south and west kingdoms, it may be less of a concern, but you should still consider it.

As you reach the higher levels you may be thinking of other concerns, and after L30 it’s up to you. My main focus is appearance in four of the five realms. Only the my east realm has been sacrificed to revenue, and even then I still put a little thought into how it looks (not much, but a little).

Here are my thoughts on considering rent when making building purchases.

  • Levels 5-10, it should be as important a decision as buying buildings for shoppers.
  • Levels 10-20 you should concentrate on building shops that will provide the best value to customers.
  • Once you can purchase ruby groves (L23), those should be your primary harvest/revenue generating focus. If you’re just placing a building to occupy space, occupy space with a grove.
  • Once you have 30 customers consistently, or you reach L25 and your 3rd realm, you have to decide whether free space is for revenue or design. If it’s design, building rent is important. If it’s revenue, keep adding groves.

This means if you have a chance to buy and upgrade a realm, do it. At your first opportunity. More space means more space for rubies or rent making buildings. If you want a good looking kingdom, the more real estate you have the more room you have to spread out your ruby groves.

You should also understand that the experience return for rentals is low in comparison to the return for shopping. So the cash return will always be better when your building is idle.

Currently the best rent return is the Pirate Ship and Spice Shop, both paying between $20-22 an hour. The next two? Surprisingly, the pond and the Wizard’s Tower. Who would have thought? So if you see someone with a realm stacked with wizards, don’t laugh. The Pirate Ship isn’t available until L33, but the spice market becomes available at L21 so you can take advantage sooner. Both seem to occupy the same amount of space, even though the ship looks bigger.

However, I would still cash those ponds and wizards in for rubies as soon as you can do so. Wizards pay two coins more per hour than trees, but 13 fewer experience points. Not only that, but the tower occupies the same space as two groves. As a consequence, for the same space you can generate almost twice as many coins and twelve times the experience points.

Starting your kingdom

Until you reach L11, you should focus on building ponds and tailor shops. The tailor shops have an excellent customer return and the pond has a great rent return. The other advantage of these items is their extremely low cost, at 1500 coins each.

The pond takes a lot more room, so I would think in terms of two tailor shops for every pond. But remember, the tailor provides a pitiful return when it’s idle

It may seem counterintuitive to focus on a couple of items rather than building a village, and that is always an option. But in my experience, the more quickly you increase your return with a smaller investment, the more quickly you can expand your kingdom and add realms to make room for the more expensive, less profitable items.

Furthermore, because your investment is small, you won’t lose as much when you sell of the property to upgrade to a more expensive building.

Forget the mine after you install the first one unless you need to earn experience points immediately. The immediate payoff in experience points is 10 percent or 100xp, but from that point on, the return is terrible.


After L10 you should focus on the more profitable shops. The higher return from your pond (whose customer value is pretty good too) and tailor shop should allow you to add the bigger ticket items that players like. The wizard’s tower is an excellent purchase because it pays off when idle at the same rate as the pond. It’s seven times more expensive to install, so don’t ditch those ponds and tailor shops yet.

But here’s the sad news. As far as idle profit goes, you’ll discover it’s a law of diminishing returns. After the wizard’s tower, rent rates collapse. So you might want to stick with the ponds you already have. The Wizard’s tower provides a decent return for customer sales, but don’t invest in too many. You might want to save your money for more profitable shops later.

The two best rental returns after the tower are the honeybee hive and the magic emporium at $15.25 and $14.58 per hour. However, you can fit two into the space of one tower. As always, there’s a catch. The beehive is only available with mojo, and the emporium, at level 18 is 55000 coins.

This is a tough decision here, and you need to think seriously. Personally, since you can purchase orange groves for $3K (or 5 mojo) at L15, I wouldn’t make a heavy investment in rent properties anymore. The groves will push you more quickly to L17 where you can start harvesting magic cauliflower. The cauliflower will give you a good cash return ($1300 per field profit on eight fields, which will soon expand).

My best suggestion would be a couple of towers, two-to-three honeybee hives and a couple of emporiums once you reach L18. If you want more rentals to fill your new south kingdom, 1500 coins to buy ponds is still your best bet. You should be relying on cash income from crops, experience from oranges and cultivating customers by investing in the most profitable shops.

L23 and beyond

Once you can install ruby groves and harvest cauliflower, focus on profitable shops. The Spice Market, available at L21 is an extraordinary investment because it performs superbly for customers (with 50 combined points and and almost 60 for you), and empty ($20 per hour). So don’t worry about rental return any more. The pond and tower still outperform every shop but the spice market for idle income until you hit the mid-thirties.

The only better performer for cash income than the market, pond and tower is the Pirate Ship at L33, which pays close to $22 per hour. The ship, spice market and red dragon finish in the top 3 for combined points. So the bottom line after L30 is the shops that are good for customers are also the shops that perform well empty.

I’ve included charts below so you can study the numbers. In a week or so, I’ll move this all to the analysis pages where you can find them more easily.

I’ve also included a chart of the animated characters, which should also be a factor in purchasing once you’re at the higher levels and design becomes a concern. This includes the really cool characters—like the pirate, the bar wench, the knight and the butterfly swarm—as well as the dogs—the candlemaker, the drunk stumbling home from the tavern with his pot of ale, and whoever that nerd is that ngmoco:) decided would best embrace the brothers and multi-cultural diversity.

Sadly, the three-hooved unicorn, who is so charming in spite of his disability, is no longer available to new players. I really love my unicorns. Jenny Manytoes, our polydactyl cat, loves them too. She likes to bat at them and chase them off the screen. She would eat them if she could. I don’t want to eat them, but I would pet them if I could. I would raise them in my backyard and let them chase off the tea baggers canvassing me before the elections now that I’ve unplugged my phone so I can’t hear their robocalls.

Rent by levels


Level Cost Hrs Net/Hr Exp/Hr Total
L 5            
Pond* 5 1500 8 $18.75 1.3 20.0
Guild Hall 10 7500 16 $12.50 1.1 13.6
Barn 10 6500 48 $7.29 1.0 8.3
Windmill 9 6000 48 $6.25 1.0 7.3
Tailor 6 1500 24 $4.17 0.8 5.0
Mine 5 1000 10 $4.00 0.8 4.8
School 7 2500 24 $3.33 0.9 4.3
Lumberyard 8 4000 35 $1.03 1.0 2.0
L 10            
Wizard’s Tower 11 11,000 8 $18.75 1.3 20.0
Beehive 12 10m 18 $15.28 5.6 20.8
Magic Emporium 18 55,000 24 $14.58 1.7 16.3
Tavern 16 22,000 36 $13.89 2.8 16.7
Butterfly Garden 16 35m 22 $12.73 7.7 20.5
Stables 14 18,000 12 $12.50 2.3 14.8
Fairy tree 20  

12 $12.50 0.8 13.3
Inn 16 23,500 48 $11.46 2.6 14.1
Jewelry Store 17 40,000 36 $11.11 6.9 18.1
Dragon 20 100,000 72 $11.11 2.1 13.2
Candle shop 17 25,000 37 $10.81 1.9 12.7
Bakery 12 12,000 24 $10.42 1.2 11.6
Griffin Nest 19 75,000 48 $10.42 2.1 12.5
Naval Ship 20 18m 27 $8.89 7.8 16.7
Cobbler 14 20,000 24 $8.33 13.5 21.9
Prison 18 20m 48 $7.81 6.3 14.1
Book Store 19 98,000 16 $7.81 14.1 21.9
Blacksmith 14 16,000 48 $7.40 1.1 8.5
Watchtower 15 18,000 48 $7.29 1.3 8.5
Butcher 13 14,000 36 $6.25 1.2 7.4
L 21            
Spice Market 21 100,000 10 $20.00 7.5 27.5
Phoenix 25 250,000 46 $15.22 7.3 22.5
Millener 28 180,000 22 $13.64 4.3 18.0
Hall of Justice 26 165,000 60 $10.00 4.6 14.6
Theater 28 190,000 18 $9.72 10.8 20.6
Serpent’s Lair 27 220,000 34 $9.56 7.4 16.9
Cheese Shop 21 90,000 29 $9.48 6.0 15.5
Fish market 29  

30 $9.33 10.0 19.3
Falconry 24 120,000 60 $7.50 6.7 14.2
Jousting Arena 25 150,000 60 $7.50 7.5 15.0
Unicorn 21 NA 48 $6.77 10.4 17.2
Clocktower 22 105,000 48 $6.67 6.7 13.3
Shipyard 23 115,000 42 $6.55 11.9 18.5
Archery 22 25m 8 $6.25 12.5 18.8
Fortune Teller 23 95,000 64 $5.47 6.6 12.1
L 30            
Pirate Ship 33 285,000 28 $21.79 6.4 28.2
Cartographer 32 275,000 42 $18.45 7.1 25.6
Red Dragon 35 300,000 60 $16.67 10.4 27.1
Apothecary 31 250,000 54 $15.74 9.1 24.8
Butterfly Garden 32 280,000 22 $12.73 7.7 20.5
University 30 275,000 48 $8.75 8.8 17.5

Rent by Income

Building Rent Return

Level Cost Rent XP Hrs Rent/Hr XP/Hr Combined
Pirate Ship 33 285,000 610 180 28 $21.79 6.4 28.2
Spice Market 21 100,000 200 75 10 $20.00 7.5 27.5
Pond* 5 1500 150 10 8 $18.75 1.3 20.0
Wizard’s Tower 11 11,000 150 10 8 $18.75 1.3 20.0
Cartographer 32 275,000 775 300 42 $18.45 7.1 25.6
Red Dragon 35 300,000 1000 625 60 $16.67 10.4 27.1
Apothecary 31 250,000 850 490 54 $15.74 9.1 24.8
Beehive 12 10m 275 100 18 $15.28 5.6 20.8
Phoenix 25 250,000 700 335 46 $15.22 7.3 22.5
Magic Emporium 18 55,000 350 40 24 $14.58 1.7 16.3
Tavern 16 22,000 500 100 36 $13.89 2.8 16.7
Millener 28 180,000 300 95 22 $13.64 4.3 18.0
Butterfly Garden 16 35m 280 170 22 $12.73 7.7 20.5
Butterfly Garden 32 280,000 280 170 22 $12.73 7.7 20.5
Stables 14 18,000 150 27 12 $12.50 2.3 14.8
Guild Hall 10 7500 200 17 16 $12.50 1.1 13.6
Fairy tree 20  

150 10 12 $12.50 0.8 13.3
Inn 16 23,500 550 125 48 $11.46 2.6 14.1
Jewelry Store 17 40,000 400 250 36 $11.11 6.9 18.1
Dragon 20 100,000 800 150 72 $11.11 2.1 13.2
Candle shop 17 25,000 400 70 37 $10.81 1.9 12.7
Griffin Nest 19 75,000 500 100 48 $10.42 2.1 12.5
Bakery 12 12,000 250 28 24 $10.42 1.2 11.6
Hall of Justice 26 165,000 600 275 60 $10.00 4.6 14.6
Theater 28 190,000 175 195 18 $9.72 10.8 20.6
Serpent’s Lair 27 220,000 325 250 34 $9.56 7.4 16.9
Cheese Shop 21 90,000 275 175 29 $9.48 6.0 15.5
Fish market 29  

280 300 30 $9.33 10.0 19.3
Naval Ship 20 18m 240 210 27 $8.89 7.8 16.7
University 30 275,000 420 420 48 $8.75 8.8 17.5
Cobbler 14 20,000 200 325 24 $8.33 13.5 21.9
Book Store 19 98,000 125 225 16 $7.81 14.1 21.9
Prison 18 20m 375 300 48 $7.81 6.3 14.1
Jousting Arena 25 150,000 450 450 60 $7.50 7.5 15.0
Falconry 24 120,000 450 400 60 $7.50 6.7 14.2
Blacksmith 14 16,000 355 55 48 $7.40 1.1 8.5
Watchtower 15 18,000 350 60 48 $7.29 1.3 8.5
Barn 10 6500 350 50 48 $7.29 1.0 8.3
Unicorn 21 NA 325 500 48 $6.77 10.4 17.2
Clocktower 22 105,000 320 320 48 $6.67 6.7 13.3
Shipyard 23 115,000 275 500 42 $6.55 11.9 18.5
Archery 22 25m 50 100 8 $6.25 12.5 18.8
Butcher 13 14,000 225 42 36 $6.25 1.2 7.4
Windmill 9 6000 300 48 48 $6.25 1.0 7.3
Fortune Teller 23 95,000 350 425 64 $5.47 6.6 12.1
Tailor 6 1500 100 20 24 $4.17 0.8 5.0
Mine 5 1000 40 8 10 $4.00 0.8 4.8
School 7 2500 80 22 24 $3.33 0.9 4.3
Lumberyard 8 4000 36 35 35 $1.03 1.0 2.0



Level Male Female Creature
Apothecary 31 Chemist  


Archery 22 Archer  


Bakery 12  

Mrs. Pillsbury
Barn 10  


Brown Cow
Beehive 12  



Blacksmith 14 Sword Smith  


Book Store 19  

Buxom Librarian  

Butcher 13 Butcher  


Butterfly Garden 16  


Butterfly Swarm
Candle Shop 17 Wax Maker  


Cartographer 32 Mapmaker  


Cheese Shop 21  

Milk Maid  

Clock Tower 22 Clockmaker  


Cobbler 14 Cobbler  


Dragon 20  


Blue Dragon
Fairy Tree 20  



Falconry 24  


Fish Market 29  


Fortune Teller 23  

Fortune Teller  

Griffin Nest 19  


Baby Griffin
Guild Hall 10 Knight  


Hall Of Justice 26 Judge  


Inn 16  

Bar Wench  

Jewelry Store 17  


Jousting Arena 25 Jousting Knight  


Lumberyard 8 Hooded Woodman  


Magic Emporium 18  

Flying Witch  

Milliner 28  

Well-Dressed Woman  

Mine 5  


Naval Ship 20  



Phoenix 25  


Pirate Ship 33 Buccaneer  


Pond* 5  


Frog Prince
Prison 18 Executioner  


Red Dragon 35  


Red Dragon
School 7 Boy With Slingshot Running Girl  

Serpent’s Lair 27  



Shipyard 23 Dockworker  


Spice Market 21 Hindu Merchant  


Stables 14  


Tailor 6  

Seamstress In Pink  

Tavern 16 Drunk  


Theater 28 Thespian  


Unicorn 21  



University 30 Clarence Thomas Faux  


Watchtower 15 Watchman  


Windmill 9  


Dappled Cow
Wizard’s Tower 11 Wizard