Special edition: elementals unleashed

As many of us expected, the newest event arrived this evening, with imps and elementals and various other creatures. I also suspect this event inspired the free mojo on the harvest orb because you should be prepared to spend a lot on this quest, especially when you’re down to the crunch next week.

This time the quest is worth it. The creatures and buildings are gorgeous.

But the rewards are worth it. Bothe levels of the challenge deliver the two highest paying buildings so far, and the artists did a hell of a job with these because both will look good wherever you put them (unlike the flutterflies’ temples which I removed as soon as I got the numbers).

The obelisk delivers 13140cp over 32 hours (411hcp) and the Obelisk delivers 15930 (498chp).

The creatures are kind of cool too, especially the flaming elementals. ngmoco:) also seems to have worked out a lot of bugs because I have experienced no crashes. Here’s how the event works:

The are nine creatures, includinng

  • Mud Imp
  • Fire imp
  • Water Imp
  • Earth Elemental
  • Fire Elemental
  • Water Elemental
  • Wind Elemental
  • Lightning Elemental
  • Composite Elemental

In the first round you need to catch one of each, but the second round is a lot tougher. You will need to catch three of each imp, and two of the mid-level elementals. (That’s 180 mojo if you use the guaranteed catch on each one.)

You will need two different spells to summon imps and elementals. The imp call takes an hour and the elemental spell takes four. You can speed them both up with mojo. Each spell calls one creature. You will receive more from other players.

The obelisk is the easiest to catch and still offers a better payoff than any building, allowing even players who finish one level to get a solid reward.

Since you have all week, you may want to try to catch the earth, fire and water elements for free, but catching the top three elementals will be tough. With enough mojo you can catch them all in a couple of hours.

The forge and composite elemental are pretty cool, and the forge pays off just under 500cp hourly. It doesn’t get much better.

If you’re just in it for the return, three thunderbirds will cost just as much mojo and you will get a higher return because you’re turning over three shops instead of one.

Good luck.