We Rule Hogwarts Edition

Cauliflower back on schedule

The good news is that cauliflower is back on a 12 hour harvest cycle. For newer players this may not mean much, but there was a time when you could harvest cauliflower twice every day and life was so much easier. Of course in those days L30 and the ruby citadel were the pinnacle of We Rule Success and we lived in tin shacks, went barefoot in the winter, our parents beat us every day and fed us shit for supper and we liked it. Not like kids today who have it easy.

It was nice to have a crop you could harvest twice a day on a regular schedule and not have to look at your watch and wonder if your crops were going to spoil. Then someone at ngmoco:) must have decided they could sell more mojo and set the schedule to 13 hours and 20 minutes, keeping us off-balance for the remainder of the game.

Thanks for giving us twice a day regularity, guys.

And now for what you really want to know

As of Thursday night I was prepared to speculate that this last week was Harry Potter week in We Rule. If they were trying not to be obvious to avoid a law suit, they blew their chances Friday with the Hippogriff and giant spider. In fact the Friday goal and gift releases managed to celebrate episodes 1 to 3.

In case you forgot:

  • Episode 1: The living chess board.
  • Episode 2: Aragog the giant spider.
  • Episode 3: The Hippogriff accused of mauling Draco Malfoy.

Now we can all don our wizard’s caps and cakes, our Harry Potter glasses, grab our wands and sneak our iPhones and iPads into the theater to harvest crops while watching Harry defeat Voldermort once and for all (at least until someone offers Rowling too much money for her to resist yet another installment, which I heard may be happening).

On Tuesday we got a magical abode and the wizard’s prison. I was thinking “Azkaban,” but since I’d never seen Azkaban (a CGI effect they left out of the movies so far—unless it shows up in Harry Potter 7.2, which I shamefully confess I’m waiting for the crowds to clear out to see) I couldn’t say for sure.

By Thursday we could track Harry Potter references for sure. The owlery is where the late Hedwig was raised. The herbology lab is where Snape conducted his nefarious potions. But the giveaway was the stone serpent’s vault with the basilisk. As far as I can tell, the poor basilisk only has one arm, but he’s pretty clearly a basilisk.

I clicked on him to see if he spoke parseltongue, but there was no sound at all. Can you believe it? So I guess we’re stuck with the official online parseltongue translator until the developers fix this grievous error.

If you look closely you’ll see that the basilisk has only one arm. The designers did the same thing to the poor unicorn, left him without one of his hooves. If I were a glass half-full kind of guy, I would say the designers were equal opportunity, giving handicapped characters their shot at the show. I think they simply forgot to save when they were tweaking the 3D models.

So now I want to know: where’s Hogwarts? There has to be a Hogwarts. Maybe that will be next week (although, in my experience, the game designers have the attention span of a three year old). Maybe we will get Hogwarts buildings and Hagrid’s cottage and the evil spider woods.

They don’t have to call the new items those things. They can do it on a wink, wink, nudge nudge basis. But what the hell? They’ve already opened the door to the law suit. We may as well get more Harry Potter in the process.