Special Edition: We Rule Goes Black

If you read this blog, you play and if you play you already know about the upgrade (unless your boss is a real bastard and kept you at work late on Friday so you couldn’t play). Level 50 comes with a new Regal Palace.

In the comments I posted a pic (okay, it was really a joke) claiming that it really would be a sapphire palace as I (sort of) predicted, but I had to Photoshop the levels to really brighten the picture.

The new regal palace installed. It must be night, because the lights seem to be on. Carol, is reluctant to upgrade when she hits L50 (which should be soon) because she still believes the current castle is the color of the UT Longhorns. Had they not gone 5-7 this year, she probably wouldn’t be considering the upgrade at all.

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But it could be argued that the tiling isn’t black, it’s dark sapphire blue. So I was sort of correct. Okay, I was wrong about everything but the fact that L50 and a new castle would be released. But it’s out, along with the next blockbuster building the Black Dragon.

Which is really black, by the way. It even sells a total eclipse.

I guess the black dragons are so big they eclipse the sun. This screenshot is from my iPhone, taken when I was ordering to get the numbers for the analysis update. That retina display is awesome.

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The Friday upgrades are so much more exciting than the series finale of Medium, which also happened today and made the series finale of Lost seem satisfying in retrospect. I didn’t mind the Six Feet Under with spirits finish, it was the totally stupid (and foreseeable) dream plot that led up to it. In case you recorded it, I won’t spoil the ending, but it will become pretty obvious as soon as Joe’s phone call is disconnected.

Back to the blog.

The Black Dragon delivers 3500 combined points in 24 hours, making it the best customer and vendor deal now. Even better, it takes up even less space than the red dragon, and tucks together better even without stacking. You can fit three black dragons in only a little more space than it took for two red dragons. The dragons themselves are twice the size of the red dragons and really suck the light out of the graphic display.

The black dragons are pretty big, almost twice the size of the red and purple dragons. They don’t glow blue like they do on the splash screen.

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That may be why they saved it for L50. I wouldn’t be surprised if all those Olympus mounts filling the top 25 kingdoms will be replaced this week. If I were really playing for the top of the leader board, I would install 30 in my main kingdom. I’m not, but I have definitely scattered quite a few around.

The new regal castle and black dragons really change the visual composition of your kingdom. But they should draw customers as soon as they open for business.

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They cost just under a million coins, or 55 mojo. That’s three times the coin price of the red dragon, but only five more mojo. It also installs for 5 mojo for constriction time, so that’s one of the best mojo deals around. Players who have just reached L50, and not yet flush with cash might want to spring for the mojo to add a couple more than the cash purchases they’re planning.

Customer’s should also be aware that it takes 20m to accelerate the delivery, so unless the vendor has a lot of money to blow on mojo they will probably not speed up delivery.

It might also make more economic sense to hold off on upgrading your castle since the cost is the same as a black dragon. I would seriously consider installing at least two black dragons before upgrading your castle.

The vintage chateaus, chimera’s temples and Olympus mounts all filled with orders pretty quickly, and mine are filling up as soon as my other orders deliver.

As for the new crops, the mushrooms deliver a thousand coins per hour (and 125 xp), which is an incredible return. If you can afford to revisit your kingdom every hour and want to earn coins for your black dragons without sacrificing experience, I would plant them. (The venus fly traps deliver better experience points, 250 per half hour but they wilt almost immediately.)

By L50, however, you should have 28 farms and that equates to 100,000c every four hours. This will make a dent in the price of the black dragon over a few days. If you intend to speed up crop delivery with mojo, however, just spring for the dragon itself. You will spend fewer mojo.

The mushrooms can build up your cash reserves quickly. They are definitely not hallucinogenic.

The new garlic isn’t a stellar performer. I am testing endurance to see if it lasts longer than the sunflowers.

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The garlic doesn’t seem to be good for much of anything at that level. There are much better producing crops further down the levels. Maybe We Rule will add a Pizzaria that needs the garlic to produce (taking their cue from Trade Nations). I’m testing it to see if it’s more hardy than the sunflowers or birds of paradise.

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