We Rule Sequel on horizon?

After promising players that ngmoco:) would come up with lots of community events after Thanksgiving, we haven’t seen much. An image contest, a caption contest at Halloween and reintroduction of some old Christmas content. It seems clear ngmoco:) want to release an entirely new version of We Rule, but given the spectacular failure of Farmville 2, they seem to have gone back to the drawing board.

Who can blame them, really? Farmville 2 failed because it was little more than Farmville 1 with 2.5D graphics. I wouldn’t want to give up my old farm and start from scratch.

Trade Nations is actually chugging along, but they never choked the pipeline with content. They also added parties. Players earn token items from their shops and use them to stage parties that their friends can attend. But even they are going the sequel route with Trade Nations North Pole, which is Trade Nations with the addition of a sleigh to transport presents from factories to the main castle. It took all of three levels for me to realize I wanted little more to do with the North Pole than I did with Farmville 2.

They seem to have ignored my suggestion, which was to clean out a lot of those buildings and focus on new challenges, including possible combat.

So where can they go next? Well, I’ve been spending a lot of time in Springfield helping Homer Simpson clean up after he blew up the nuclear power plant while playing on his myPad. The Simpsons’ Tapped Out is actually a lot of fun. It’s modeled on Cityville, where players have to finished a number of tasks to earn the next building or character, but these tasks are fun. Going on a bender, robbing the Kwikie Mart, calling your alien mothership for backup. It even has a black hole at the center of town.

All of the Simpsons characters are there. Principal Skinner, Grampa, Melbourne and Mel the Bartender. Playing Tapped Out got me thinking about what the next level of We Rule should look like. Then I got it:

Monty Rule and the Holy Grail

That’s right, what better medieval source for a We Rule sequel than Monty Python? It may cost a little for the rights but it will be well worth it. Players will be able to build Camelot and let it fall into ruins while they go on silly multi-step quests. Some of the quests might include:

One of the tasks in We Rule and the Holy Grail could be to dismember the Black Knight one limb at a time. Your reward could be to unlock a tavern and a bard to sing your exploits (for 48000 coins and 10 grail berries).

  • Building an autonomous collective (complete with houses, crops and ironically literate peasants.
  • Fight the Black Knight. They would have to sever his limbs one by one until he admits he’s helpless, which he never will.
  • Avoid being seduced by the grail virgins.
  • Run away from the three headed ogre.
  • Fight off the killer rabbits

Completing each task will unlock a new building, a new character or a new task. When you touch each character they utter a humorous bon mot (except for the rabbits, of course).

I’ve given you the roadmap, ngmoco:). It’s time to get to work. Best of all, reaching higher levels in We Rule Legacy could also unlock buildings and tasks that you can’t unlock in the sequel. That will keep your current fans motivated and playing.